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Published: 08th May 2020
Views: N/A - An important community forum for casualties on the internet is definitely any community for patients of crime, incidents as well as additional disturbing accidents. It is actually an world wide web forum you may come across at and can possibly be made use of anonymously and totally free of charge. The community is effectively being run for afflicted individuals in Denmark. Immediately translated, the name OfferForum means “Victim Forum”.

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The idea was created in February 2011 when a young couple in Denmark, Mette Hansen and Lars Ingemann, had a destructive experience. It was a Tuesday evening hours after Mette had been downtown in Copenhagen together with friends. About 10pm, Mette had taken the Metro home. About 200 metres from her entrance door a man came up to her holding a gun to her face. Mette was stunned and didn’t listen to exactly what the man said. His face was covered and she could only see his dark, furious eyes. He held out his hand signaling that he wanted her hand bag which she instinctively threw in the direction of him. He grabbed the case and ran away in darkness.

Over the next few weeks Mette was struck by post-traumatic stress and experienced several anxiousness along with bouts of depression. When she saw a male on the street she would start to shake, she was afraid the offender would come after her again and that he was watching her through the windows when she was home. Due to this fact, Mette found herself closing her curtains and becoming remote in a way that was very unlike her. The incident lead to Mette being forced to stay home which put her whole career on hold.

Her partner Lars was being employed as law enforcement in Copenhagen and had often been doing work with mugging cases, but he had never been engaged on a personal level. That it was an incredibly eye-opening method to start to see the suffering and frustration Mette was going through, this was something even the police couldn't comprehend if they had not experienced it on their own.

Mette started to consult a shrink and was helped for getting back on track, even though it took several months before she could let go of her fear. But, despite the help, Mette still sensed something was missing. When she spoke to people who attempted to support her, though their intentions were perfectly meaning, she still felt deficiencies in understanding of her situation. These individuals hadn't experienced a situation such as this themselves and could not completely understand her perspective. She felt she needed to talk to an individual who had also experienced such a trauma to have the understanding she needed. She searched the online world for forums but to no avail. She discovered it absolutely was an area of help for victim recovery and support that was somewhat untouched in the therapeutic world of post-traumatic support in Denmark.

Mette and Lars talked about this and concluded there had to be many others like Mette who found it necessary to communicate with someone, who are the casualty of fraud and went through similar experience as they had. Together they developed the concept of a niche site, where victims of crime, accidents together with other traumatic experiences could meet in a secure forum that is available 24/7. A support forum which was anonymous and at no cost. They named it (VictimForum), which demonstrates their own empathy and comprehension of the requirements of those needing help; they knew that these were the two words that victims would most commonly seek out on yahoo to find support. The message board was open for anybody who needed to share their story as well as for those that could find assistance by reading through the encounters of other people who been victimized by means of wrong doing. The message board gave rise to an alternative level of casualty support which runs alongside what psychiatric treatment continues to offer. was officially launched in October 2013 and continues to successfully support a lot more people. now arranges physical meetings each and every month in Copenhagen open to all sufferers. These meetings are called the “NetverksForum“ (NetworkForum) and therefore are facilitated through psychologist Julie-Astrid Galsgaard. is without a doubt non-profit as well as non-political.

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