Villa Rental Etiquette When in Phuket

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Villa rentals abound in Phuket especially the area surrounding Patong bay. Renting a villa is as close as you can get in experiencing the rich culture that is in Phuket. After all, villas are structured to feel like authentic homes. Upon renting one, some vacationers forget that there are etiquettes needed to be followed to ensure that the stay is a memorable one.

Staying in a villa is different from staying at a hotel given the fact that the latter option has a hotel staff ready to provide cleaning services any given day, while the first one is available upon request depending on the staff's availability. The old adage "Leave the place better than you found it" must clearly be put into perspective. Just to give you an idea, here are helpful etiquettes for when you're renting a villa in Phuket:

Clean up after a meal. Some of the best villas in Phuket have dishwashers so cleaning up after every meal won't be a hard thing to do. If a dishwasher isn't available and there are tons of utensils that need washing, leave everything on the sink and ask politely if one of the villa staff could help you clean up.

Throw waste in trash bins. There are several garbage bins situated on corners of a typical villa so make use of it. Some of these scraps especially the non-biodegradable kind (I.e. plastic bottles, wine bottles) gets recycled so you're actually doing Mother Nature a solid!

Leave furniture and gadgets in good condition. From the air-conditioning system to the classic mahogany chair in the living area, make sure to leave everything unscathed since paying for damages can leave a nasty mark on your vacation.

Respect the owner and culture. Villa owners work hard in ensuring the place remains comfortable and accommodating for their guests and it's just right if you treat everything with care. After all, good things and karma come to those who respect the place and everything that is included in it.

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