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Published: 06th February 2017
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Walk About Dog Treats offers our dogs the healthiest of treat options through alternative protein sources. Owner and developer, Adam Brady, was gracious and generous with his time and came by to educate me on his product line.

Kangaroo is the cornerstone of the Walk About Dog Treats flavor inventory. During our meeting, Adam spoke very highly of the quality of this particular meat. Native to Australia, 100 million kangaroo roam freely throughout the Outback and are legally hunted in their natural habitat; similar to deer in the United States, for example. Because the kangaroo are open-range animals and limitlessly graze in the wild, their diet (and meat) is never contaminated by harmful chemicals, pesticides, or hormones that could otherwise be introduced in more controlled farming situations.

These treats are definitely a crowd pleaser and very popular among my loyal focus group!

Joking aside, I did some serious research into the health benefits of kangaroo meat, and the information made me want to stock my own freezer with the nutrient-rich protein. Aside from being free-range, all-natural meat, kangaroo administers a healthy dose of the chemical CLA – conjugated linoleic acid. Significant research has proven CLA to be a “potent ally for combating”: cancer, asthma, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol, and osteoporosis. Additionally, results have shown CLA to improve insulin action while mimicking the effects of synthetic diabetic drugs. Finally, kangaroo’s lean composition and CLA content reduce body fat while preserving muscle tissue.

Umm…do they sell kangaroo at Safeway?

That last factoid is especially important for someone like me; a dog walker who constantly uses treats as a reward for desired behavior. I would never want to overload my dogs with high-calorie, high-fat treats. This same principle applies for someone in the training phase with their puppy. Positive reinforcement with tasty rewards – you want to make sure your cookie jar is low-calorie.

Goat, wild boar, and chicken recipes round out the selection. These very lean proteins paired with healthy oils and antioxidants combine to ensure the most health benefits for your dog.

Here are even more reasons why Walk About Dog Treats should absolutely be added to your pet’s diet:

All treats are single meat proteins; so basically, you’re not getting a hodgepodge of mystery meat in your puppy’s snacks.

Completely grain free, so any pesky wheat allergies are a non-issue.

Contains heart-friendly Omega 3 and Omega 6, Iron, Zinc, and a significant serving of the B-vitamin group, all equally contributing to desired health benefits including healthy coat and skin.

The first goat treat on the market. One of the only meats in the world that does not insult any religious denomination.

By the end of our conversation, I was convinced that my dogs eat better than I do. Admittedly, Adam and I shared a small bite of the treats, as all of its contents are all natural, healthy, and absolutely edible for humans. (They didn’t even taste bad!)

Walk About Dog Treats can be found online from a host of different vendors, including this site, or you can head directly to their website for more information. Your pups will love the taste of these single-meat protein jerky treats, and you will love in sharing a long and healthy life with your fur-babies.

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