Waterside Beauty At Narayanapuram Lake

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Published: 06th February 2017
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We have heard many people saying waterside beauty. Narayanapuram Lake, located at Natham Road, is the prominent example of waterside beauty. Once upon a time Narayanapuram Lake was the main water resource of thousands of residents living at Kovilambakkam and Pallikaranai panchayats. Water was so fine and crystal clear that the local people used to drink its water. Now due to the rising of pollution levels, they have stopped drinking and using this water. It is unusable even for cleaning vegetables and washing clothes.

However, huge water body along with wide open side has made it one of the main attractions of Madurai in Tamil Nadu. Keeping pace with the industrialization and modernization, the lake has received some changes. Its open wide area has been occupied by IT companies and some industrial parks established here in the last few years. You can choose it as one of the favourite destinations for leisure spending. Among many pleasure activities, Narayanapuram Lake offers boating and swimming facility. If you have passion for partaking in many water activities, narayanapuram lake is the right destination. You are sure to enjoy one of the best activities here.

You can get paddle boat, hoping for a gentle breeze to kiss you every moment, when you are on broad. Moving and paddling the on the lake water and moving all around the lake is a really a fun experience. The flat view of distant lands, IT parks, skyscrapers and multiplexes makes you happy. You get lost in many beautiful thoughts. Reaching here is not tough. Anyone can reach here from Madurai. The nearest landmarks are Raymonds, Ponni Hospital and Black forest.

During winter season, it serves as one of the main picnic hotspots in Madurai. Many tourists and local residents come here for a feast. They can enjoy and spend their leisure in the most exciting and engaging way. Wide open banks look amazingly beautiful during spring time. Many new flowers grow and various migratory birds throng together to make the lake more attractive and lively with their twittering and crying. Watching various birds and flowers and partaking in various pleasure activities both on water and bank is really an unforgettable experience. On the wide open bank, you can play various outdoor games to make your trip a memorable one.

However, unfortunately the lake is gradually losing its glory due water pollution caused by the local people. New industries nearby and drivers of vehicles are leaving wastes and garbage here. The drivers are regularly using the water from the narayanapuram lake in order to clean their vehicles. They let the wastes mix with the lake water. Some of them empty the waste oil into the lake water at the time of cleaning their vehicles.

Local people must take care of it. They should not leave garbage here. They must bring the pollution issue before the concerned authorities. Side by side, they should approach to the government to make parks and greeneries around it so that it looks more beautiful. A green, beautiful and screen atmosphere will make the place an ideal travel destination in India.

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