Ways to keep your House Clean

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Published: 06th February 2017
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When was the last time you…
• Cleaned your kitchen chimneys, hobs and the cooking areas?
• Disinfected your bathroom fittings, tiles, shower cubicles and bath tubs?
• Shampoo & conditioning of Sofas, Chairs & Carpets?
• Sanitized areas which are difficult to reach like behind sofas, fans, tile joints, high windows and light fixtures?
• Got carpenter, electrician and plumber with just one phone call?

A clean house and fantastic aroma makes you fall in love with your house. Clean house comes with hygiene and fresh look that makes your visitors feel happy. Initially, everyone should start cleaning from his/her own room and then eventually move to another part of house. But major focus area of cleaning should be kitchen where the food is prepared. If that is cleaned then proximity of getting ill decreased. On visiting restaurant, the first thing you look for is cleanliness and hygienic food preparation procedure. So, why should not worried about your own kitchen?

Let your kitchen shine!

Here’s what you should do to clean your kitchen:
1. Wash all the utensils everyday
2. Clean cooking place in the kitchen everyday
3. Wipe stove and other appliances before using it
4. Dispose of all the garbage immediately
5. Clean microwave and dishwasher everyday

Next thing is to clean the fridge and pantry. Fridge is the place where you keep extra food to be served afterwards. But make sure that extra food should be dispose of the very next day. You should clean the fridge with warm water and ensure that fridge is dry thoroughly before it is switched on again. For pantry, clean the shelves using cleaner and clean cloth. And dispose of anything that is expired before refilling the shelves.

You can also put some natural perfume dispensers in kitchen to ensure fresh and good ambience on entering the kitchen. Even you can keep a small open bowl of grounded coffee beans in fridge to give it a natural aroma.

Disinfect the Sink

Your dirty kitchen sink contains more bacteria than your toilet seat. You should disinfect kitchen sink with available cleaners in the market or you can use vinegar solution to clean it. To make it sparkle, put few drops of mineral oil and burnish it.

Shining Doors

Applying lemon oil on doors is a natural way of cleaning but if you want to opt for cleaners that contain chemicals then it is easily available in the market. These cleaners are easy to apply but they contain chemicals which may be not good in long run. These shining doors welcome you and make home a shining and attractive place to live in.

Use bedtime as Cleaning Time

It is necessary to clean kitchen slab, kitchen sink, dispose of garbage, toilet, and mirrors before you sleep. If it is left unclean then that may become a breeding ground for diseases.

Bathroom Disinfectants

On a toilet seat, there are 50 bacteria per square inch. This is the place that needs to be cleaned everyday to get rid of germs. Use disinfectants regularly to move one step ahead toward cleanliness.

Professional Cleaning for your Carpet, Sofa, Curtains and other stuff
It is great to have fancy and elegant carpets, sofa set, curtains etc, but their maintenance is also very important that too in professional way. These products made up of different stuff which requires professional cleaning because dirt and grease trapped in them won’t be removed easily with regular cleaning. Dirt and grease coated deep in the carpet, sofa, curtains etc can lead to unhygienic conditions that give a breeding ground to diseases.

You must remember that sofa is the place which is used by family members, relatives, guests and everyone that comes to your house. It’s your call to think for them and act in a smarter way.
Live fresh and breathe fresh

Everyone wants to live magnificently at home. Even you also want to relax at home with nice fragrance and aroma. But what if! You are at home and suddenly experienced an odor? That time it makes you restless as it’s a holiday time and because of odor it is difficult to sit at home.

There are different types of odors that can pollute your environment:
1. General odors
This type of odor can come from anywhere. You have to find out from where the smell is coming and then you have to clean that place with hot water, dirt cleaner and some soap along with it.

2. Smoke odors
Smoke odor is tough to remove. You can use room fresheners or sprinkle baking soda on the carpets and let it sit overnight and next morning use vacuum cleaner to clean it.

3. Carpet or Curtain odors
These odors may be due to water sprinkled on them and leftover without soaking it or any dirt particle trapped into it or pet urine etc. you can use vacuum cleaners daily to ensure cleanliness or you can use baking soda or room fresheners.

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