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Published: 01st November 2017
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A website is the virtual equivalent of a brick and mortal store. It can be as simple as a one –page site or a complex portal of products, services and affiliate links. In the internet real estate business, a domain name is the equivalent of land. It’s the location upon which a business is built and where business is conducted.
Physical real estate is a long-term known investment. Each piece of physical real estate is unique. No two properties share exact same qualities. But in the internet real estate, you and 500 others can have the same word in the domain name of your website as long as each of you has a unique modification.
It is expensive to build or buy a shopping centre for instance, but you can get a domain name for as low as #2000 ($10). With hosting, some programming skills, or a merchant solution and a way to process payment, your internet real estate can be up and running, ready for business, in a very little time for very little expense.
Buying and selling domain names used to be the only way of making money with domains. Before now, buying and selling domains used to be based on speculations, as people bought domains they think would become popular and sell them after they start getting traffic.
But as things progressed, new ways and methods of making money with domains emerged. We will therefore be sharing some of these new methods in this write up.
1. Sell the domain name: You can sell a domain name for a profit. If you buy a domain name that is related to the product or service you offer, it will generate direct navigation traffic for you, and you can sell the domain name for a profit.
2. Rent the domain name: You can rent the domain name, or just the traffic from the name, to a firm willing to pay for the traffic.
3. Build on it: You can build a website on the domain name and benefit from all the traffic the domain name will bring.
4. Lease out the domain name: You can lease the domain name out to a firm who wants the name and the associated traffic.
5. Park the domain name: When you own a domain name but don’t want to put up a website until the time is right, you can park it with a parking service. The parking service puts up a parking page on your domain and then pays you every time someone comes to your site and clicks on a link. This is a good strategy, especially for sites with a lot of direct navigation traffic.
6. Rent out domain email addresses: Here is a big strategy that many domain name owners overlook. Some firms rent out the use of their domain name email addresses. For instance, if you own www.lawyers.com, you could charge a lawyer say #20,000 per year for yourname@lawyers.com. As a domain owner, it costs you nothing to do this and generates a great, long-term, recurring profit stream.
There is no doubt indeed that you can profit from domain names, the truth however remains that you cannot be part of the domain name income earners, if you don’t own a domain name.
We can help you register one. All you need to do is join the Digital Revolution Empowerment series (DRES2015) and we will help you register a domain, build a blog and also monetize the blog, so as to enable you join the league of internet millionaires.
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