We live with opened eyes

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Published: 06th February 2017
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By: Farhad Dutzade
Senator McCane once said, "Neda died with open eyes but we live with our eyes closed".
Thanks to innovations in communication technology, everybody saw scenes of Neda Agasoltan's tragic murder on streets of Tehran in 2009 protest, many media outlets covered the news and published her picture. However sadly I must say back in early 1980's, nobody heard nor saw story of my grandmother, Sakineh Mohamady Ardehaly, execution with her eyes open. Most people have valuable memories from stories they heard from their grandmother; for me valuable memories are stories I heard about my grandmother. Beautiful stories she wrote and lived through her life.

She was over sixty years old still Mullah's regime felt the danger because she believed in democracy, freedom of speech and a tolerant Islam which is the anti-thesis of extremist preaching of Mullahs. Her opposing the medieval inhumane Mullahs interpretation of Islam was hypocritical from their view; inexcusable crime that deserved death sentenced with no merci.
In front of the firing squad, when they wanted to tie a blind in front of her eyes, she cried out," Don't close my eyes! I want to be shot with my eyes opened so I can see the brilliant blaze of future". Her sacrifice paved the path for confronting the Islamic extremism in Iran which fosters other extremists all around the region. My grandmother was and is a symbol for what should to be done! Resist, oppose and speak up against Mullahs, and proudly legitimize our struggle for freedom of Iranian people.

Many years later after her heroic contribution, I followed her foot steps by joining the struggle for freedom and democracy in Iran. Three decade of breath taking confrontation with this brutal atrocious regime has proven that the most realistic way for the Iranian people to reach freedom is advocated by Ms. Maryam Rajavi, which is potted in her Ten Point platform for Iran's Future.

As one of Camp Liberty residents -a camp close to Baghdad International Airport, a doweling which was supposed to be a Temporary Transit Location (TTL) based on the MOU signed between UNAMI and GoI (Government of Iraq) in 2011 however, has proven to be a prison like camp- I see the dangers surrounding me, let so be it! Freedom requires sacrifice. I have chosen to pay the price of freedom for my people. Vilpant is a great gathering where freedom is cried out. Join this gathering to raise the voice of the cries.

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