Wearing Necklaces and Anklets the Right Way

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Published: 08th April 2015
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Women have fashion challenges that they would like to overcome, whether itís in putting together the right outfits or accessorizing with the right jewelry for the right look. As far as jewelry is concerned, wearing necklaces and anklets the right way are one of the many fashion challenges that most women have a hard time overcoming.

For one, some arenít quite sure what fashion statement to make with their necklaces and anklets. While both are easy to just put on and pair with what you think will be the appropriate outfit for it, these are two pieces of bling that need much more than proper coordination. They also need to be worn based on your personality and style.

While jewelry types come and go, wearing anklets and necklaces never go out of style and you wonít look out of place whatever design you choose as long as you know how to wear them correctly and by this, it means wearing them with the appropriate outfits. Necklaces for one, need to complement the neckline of the outfit you are wearing, as well as your face shape and hairstyle in order to look good.

The length of your neck as well is a factor because the last thing you want is to wear an overpowering Swarovski statement necklace that is more of an embarrassment than a statement. You can learn more about Swarovski necklace on jewelry sites like www.ozbling.com.au if you want tips and ideas on how to look good from the neck up.

As for anklets, well, this is one piece of bling that has many women unsure of its abilities to express their personality, since it is worn on one part of the body that hardly gets noticed. Also known as an ankle bracelet, it is usually worn around the ankle and can be worn tight like a leather strap or can dangle about an inch or two. Anklets have been around for centuries and in the old days, they were referred to as ďankle chainsĒ by the ladies and used as ornaments but as punishment, men would take them away.

Anklets were also used to symbolize the status and wealth of a womanís husband. In ancient Egypt, the rich and the elite wore anklets of precious metals and gemstones while the poor wore anklets made of simple cloth and leather with charms. It also a symbol of being married in India, as with the wedding ring we know today, and is an important part of the sari wedding costume.

In the 1950s, they were worn with bobby socks to enhance the look of the socks and in the 1970s, they featured the wearerís names and initials. It was also used as a sort of sign between boyfriends and girlfriends that they were ďgoing steadyĒ but oddly enough, it wasnít worn on the ankle but attached to a chain and hung around the neck. You can view ozbling.com.au for anklets and see how the modern-day versions of it look like as well as ideas on how they can become fashion statements.

Preferably worn during the summer, wearing anklets, first off depends on how large or thin your ankles are. For thinner, more delicate ankles, thinner chains are best while thicker chains are best for those who have larger ankles or calves. Make sure that before you wear your ankles that you have applied lotion to your calves and ankles so that they donít appear too dry.

Todayís anklets can be made of anything from a single hemp strand to sterling silver multi-chain affairs complete with charms. When you check out ozbling.com.au you will notice that most anklets today are mostly silver and platinum with different charms that you can interchange depending on your mood.

As far as outfit considerations are concerned, you need to be able to show off your anklets and at the same time, bring peopleís attention to your legs. Bulky clothing is a no-no but shorts, Capri pants, sundresses and skirts are best worn with anklets. They also pair well with flip flops, heels without ankle straps or sandals without ankle straps.

Also, never mix metal anklets with metallic shoes and remember that they can be worn during formal occasions as long as they donít clash with your other jewelry. You can check out Oz Bling for anklets and get some tips and ideas as well on when and where you can best wear them to your advantage.

To be able to choose the best anklets, first off you need to understand that if you plan to wear them on a daily basis, they will be subjected to some serious wear and tear so itís important to choose durable materials like gold, silver or platinum to ensure your anklets will last. Choosing cheap metals will also cause skin rashes that can be hard to get rid of.

And lastly, you need to remember wearing the wrong kind of anklet on the wrong occasion can make you look tacky. Anklets studded with large rhinestones or beads are not something to be worn during formal occasions, where your jewelry needs to sparkle but still be simply elegant. Unless you are planning to go to a bar or nightclub afterwards, it is best to keep the flashy anklets for more casual gatherings. You can view OzBling page to see what kind of anklets are appropriate for formal and casual occasions, as well as view ones that are appropriate for every day wear.

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