Wedding Gown Styles - Choose what works for you!

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Published: 20th November 2016
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Wedding Gown Styles—Choose What Works For You!

A wedding gown will waltz a bride through one of the most important days of her entire life; so choosing a style that complements her physique and personality is truly an important decision.   Choosing the right style can be nerve-wracking, but by having some insight ahead of time, stressors can be minimized.

There are some basic styles of wedding gowns; and they all have their own unique beauty, advantages and drawbacks.  Each style is designed to complement certain body-types; and choosing the right style can take some time.  So start looking early and find a style that will accentuate your assets, cover anything that you might feel uncomfortable about and, more than anything, allow you to look and feel like a million bucks!

Here are a few styles that have become classics:

The Princess Gown:

The Princess Gown is also known as the A-Line.  It is very flattering and offers a fitted bodice; it flairs from the sides and forms a flowing skirt.  A-Lines have seams that run from the shoulder all the way to the skirt.  Due to its A-shaped design, this style works beautifully for young ladies with fuller figures.   If you're the type who loves the beauty of simplicity without compromising elegance, the Princess Gown just might be for you.

The Empire Gown:

The Empire Gown has a distinctly raised waistline which is a perfect way to enhance a modest bust-line.   This dress, more often than not, has a square neckline and the overall style lends itself very nicely for shorter brides who want to give the impression of looking a bit taller.  The fabric of the Empire is usually lighter weight and any sleeve-length with this selection is appropriate.

The Column Gown:

For brides that are lean and desire an appearance that accentuates their curvatures, the Column Gown would be a perfect choice.  This style incorporates a narrow design that flows straight down from the neckline to the hem.  The bride's body will be gently hugged so curves will become discreetly, yet eye-catchingly noticeable.

The Ball Gown:

Some young ladies still love the fantasy associated with the likes of Cinderella, and if this is you, you'll love the Ball Gown.   A touch of fairy-tale imagery is what this style is all about.  The Ball Gown incorporates a fitted bodice and a very full skirt; and this dress is ideal for larger, more traditional weddings.   Slender brides look especially stunning in the Ball Gown variety since the waistline is accentuated.  Women with fuller hips, however, can get away with this style, also, since the fuller skirt will beautifully and fully drape, without any contouring

The Mermaid Gown:

The Mermaid Gown is very snug and voluptuous; and has a sensuous style that contours the body from the chest to the knee where it, then, flares out to the hemline.  This is a perfect choice for body-types that are more petite and need a design to emphasize and enhance smaller curves.  Since this dress emphasizes the waist and hip areas, it would not be the best choice for fuller ladies who are choosing to de-emphasize hips, thighs and tummies.

The Beach Gown:

If your wedding will be held on a literal beach or overlooking a beach, then first of all, lucky you and secondly, you don't need to be so concerned about formalities which means your choice can be far less conventional.  Beach Gowns are less fabulous in appearance than traditional gowns and the materials are more unconventional as well.  Usually fabrics such as chiffon and polyester lend themselves ideally to the airy, breezy, more casual ambiance.   Since Beach Gowns usually travel with the prospective bride to her tropical destination, dresses made of care-free fabrics are a must.  Polyester or even a high-quality silk fiber will resist wrinkles while en-route and respond well to light steaming.  Other beach-appropriate fabrics would include organza, georgette, gauze and voile.

There are gowns made specifically for this theme and one would need to look for the terms "Beach Wedding Gowns" or "Beach Wedding Dresses".   These lovely, yet casual, styles will complement the wedding shoes on the beach—platform shoes, flip-flops or no shoes at all!

To Each Her Own:

Each gown style certainly sets its own standard for beauty and exclusivity; but a bride needs to make sure she not only loves the style but loves the way the dress makes her feel physically which translates into how the gown will make her feel mentally.  Being able to move comfortably and not worry about ‘falling out' of a dress or feeling too confined for hours on end should be considerations that hold a lot of weight.  Looking dynamic is great, but if watching your every move or feeling uncomfortable is a potential issue, then keep your options open since ‘buyer's remorse' should never be part of the planning.

Take your time and relish the search!

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