Wedding Photography in Bristol, Bath, and Somerset

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Published: 24th November 2014
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Carlton Photography started in business as a specialist event and wedding photographer Bath in 1994.

The business was founded by a husband and wife team of two professional photographers who came originally from industrial photography and advertising backgrounds. Having observed a considerable number of weddings around the city, they decided to offer a refreshing approach to one of the most important days in the life of any married couple.
Combining their photographic skills, having studied for City & Guilds qualification in Photography, they proceeded to impact upon the local photographic scene with their unique blend of humour and professionalism to deliver a stunning new style of wedding photography Bath

Of course wedding couples look for friends group shots and a number of formal family groups at the church or register office but the traditional style of posing each collection of guests by the park rose display was becoming rather jaded. Carlton photography swept away this image and concentrated upon capturing the fun and enjoyment of the wedding day celebrations. They offered lots of informal and creative photography, often simply circulating among the guests shooting unobtrusively as people enjoyed the champagne and good company.

They moved further afield to become a Bristol wedding photographer as well as Bath and their reputation grew with a number of the wedding venues around the two cities and they soon became a preferred photographer with several major hotels and country houses who had become licenced wedding venues. They are now to be found working also on weddings throughout Somerset and have covered weddings in London, Cardiff and The Midlands.

So what makes their style of wedding photography so highly acclaimed?
They simply concentrate on the wedding couple. Being a team of two professionals photographing your wedding, they are able to be in attendance with both parties at the preparations stages if required before departing for the ceremony. Having a female photographer as part of the team makes this far more comfortable for a bride while doing make up, dressing etc.
They can cover a church wedding for example with cameras positioned at front and rear to capture as much details as possible throughout the ceremony.
Carlton photography offers two professionals for your wedding, not just a photographer and an assistant as so many others will provide.

Their images are often described by couples as stunning and creative. They design wedding albums with such vibrant colour photographs and a mixture of black and white images mixed in. Their aim is to tell a story of your wedding day through your album.
Bristol wedding photography has been transformed with this relaxed and informal approach to the wedding day. The pair at Carlton Photography is so laid back and amusing and help relax the wedding guests, resulting in some amazingly natural photographs.
Even on the occasion when a £1200 lens went tumbling down the stone steps, the only comment heard by the best man was “oh, this means I have to walk all the way back to the car for a backup lens”
Nothing phases them or detracts from their professional approach to your wedding. They carry a full range of back up gear for each bit of kit in use.

The wedding couple always come first. Their commitment to client satisfaction is un-surpassed and their passion as a wedding photographer Bristol is obvious to anyone who watches them work.
With changing requirements in the photography market, they are available for civil partnership photography and over the past few years they have developed skills and experience with the complexity of Asian weddings. The have photographed a number of Hindu and Sikh ceremonies and are familiar with the various rituals and customs associated with these celebrations.

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