What is Link Building for SEO

Published: 26th June 2015
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Linking building is simply putting a link that point back to your website on other websites and pages. And when visitors visit that website can see your link and when they click it they will be taken to your website.

You must have read some articles online, some blog posts and other content pages, and you must noticed the links on those pages pointing to other domains and websites. That's link building.

How to do link building today?

Before 2012 SEO was easy because you need to have a large nomber of backlinks, quality and quantity and every white hat strategy was a good link building strategy.. After may 2012 when Google released their latest Google penguin update to their search algorithm, it is more about the quality not the quantity, today you need to focus only on quality backlinks..

Let's just talk shortly about some link building strategies that work today, and let's list them by efficiency:

1. Guest Posting. Finding a related high traffic and high ranking blogs and ask to post guest post on them and linking to your own blog. The power of this strategy is to find related blogs with high traffic and ask the admin to publish a post for you, your post must be high value content and original to build trust with that blog audience.

2. Press Release, it give you the best high quality backlink from a high traffic sites. This is also a free link building strategy that have a huge power today. With press release you can have a naked link, that mean a link without anchor text and today this link has high quality.

3. Blog commenting is simply visiting some related and high traffic blogs, read the post they are publishing and post a comment on some their posts, the comment will have your name and a link to any website or page you want to link to, do not post any links in the comment itself..

4. Forum marketing by joining some related forums and join the discussion, mostly your links will be at the signature. Try in this strategy not only look for links but to steal some of the traffic that forum generate by attracting the readers to click on your signature and read more of your content.

5. Article marketing, only if you submit unique content to the popular article directories only.

6. Wiki and web 2.0 creation and submission, it allow you to publish pages on high ranking and authority sites and link back to your website.

Those are few link building strategy that allow you to start getting some backlinks to your website, increase ranking on the search engines and increasing traffic directly to your website.

Link building is and will keep being the fuel of search engine optimization and the basics of internet marketing. Some think SEO is dead after the latest Google updates, but they are wrong, and SEO now become more and more important and will always be the best marketing strategy online.. SEO will never be dead as long as people use search engines to search the web and find the content they seek.

Link building for SEO as you see is not only a process to get your website ranking high on search engine results pages, but also a traffic generation strategies that allow you to increase traffic from other high traffic sites. So if you have a website or blog you need to consider link building as your best friend online, the basic and the most important thing you need to do online to promote your website.


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