What is VPS hosting and how it's the optimal hosting solution?

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Web Hosting industry has undergone a rapid shift in last 10 years and its outcome have been the diversified hosting options available to the users today. Whether it's a small business, eCommerce project, an online business or a growing enterprise, website is essential today. VPS is one of the website hosting options, offered by several web hosting providers.

What is a Virtual Private Server?

A virtual Private server is basically a dedicated server but its resources and instances are segregated to host multiple websites. Virtualization technology isolates all the websites on the server and keeps them separate from each other. In simple words, one dedicated server is divided into several small virtual servers to meet the needs of multiple users.

What are the Benefits of VPS?

Affordable: VPS is highly affordable, it's little costlier than shared hosting but cheaper than dedicated server and surprisingly, it has various beneficial features of dedicated server.

Flexible: The user is free to customize the hosting resources, hardware, software configurations and choose the applications of his choice.

Secured: However, there are multiple users on the virtual dedicated server, but virtualization keep the hosting environment isolated which does not let any external factor on the co-hosted server to affect the uptime and security of the website.

Support: Web Hosting providers usually offer technical and maintenance support to the clients, however the intensity of support varies from provider to provider. Be wise while choosing the VPS hosting provider.

Agility: Users access to their VPS through user friendly control panel, enabled with GUI, which makes it simple to use with no high technical skills.

Isolated FTP: If the users on the servers are using FTP, it will not affect the others on the shared server because of isolation of resources.

What are the limitations of VPS?
VPS is a great hosting option, especially when compared against shared hosting. It's the best alternative hosting option for shared hosting. It comes with goodness of dedicated server.

However, it's little expensive than shared hosting, but far less cheaper than dedicated hosting.

If the web hosting provider is not experienced at delivering quality services, then the website may face downtime, which usually happens due to inappropriate allocation of the resources that affects all the sites on the server.

When the business grows further, the features of VPS may not fulfill the increasing hosting requirements in terms of security, controls and resources. So, the user may need to upgrade to other premium hosting option like colocation services or dedicated server hosting.

Who should opt for Virtual Private Server?

Small and medium enterprises should ideally choose VPS hosting because it offers more resources than shared hosting. In fact it comes with several advantages of dedicated hosting, higher levels of security, rapid support, flexibility to customize resources, all in a highly affordable package.

Beginners have budget constraints, so VPS is specially recommended to them as this small package hosting alternative offers ample features. The web-traffic level of SMEs are less as compared to that of large enterprises, VPS features are configured to best suit the need levels of SMEs.

If the user wants to run applications that are not supported by shared hosting, they should quickly opt VPS as it offers high technological compliance.

VPS is the optimal hosting solution because it's inexpensive, secured, flexible, scalable, highly reliable and it suits to every enterprise budget.

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