What Makes a Good Wedding Present?

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Published: 19th November 2016
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Some couples find the whole process of organising a wedding completely overwhelming and look for any way to reduce their workload.

Unfortunately for those who hate shopping, some couples decide to forgo the process of registering a wedding list, choosing items that they want people to buy for them and providing details to their invited guests.

This means that you might be left scratching your head and casting around for ideas for wedding presents as well as trying to find the perfect outfit, work out how you will get to the wedding and locate somewhere suitable to stay.

How to pick a gift

First, consider the type of gift that you want to buy for the couple in question, whether it is something practical which will help them begin married life in comfort, or something which is designed to be indulgent such as a treat they wouldn't buy themselves.

You also need to consider what your budget will be; weddings can be expensive affairs even for the guests, so give yourself enough time to save up or choose a present which will fit your budget to stop you breaking the bank when the big day comes.

The last thing to consider is where they couple will keep your gift - if it is something which will be on display in their home, you need to think about their colour scheme and décor before committing them to an item which might not suit their existing style.

If you are getting something for a couple whose house is already full to the rafters, then consider whether they have room for something big and extravagant or might prefer something small which can be easily fitted into the space they have.

There's no point buying something they will never use so try and work out whether it is something they will want or need.

Find the perfect present

The availability of options online means that you no longer have to schlep around the shops hoping for inspiration and wondering if you will ever find a suitable wedding present.

However, online shopping can lead to too much choice, with so many options that narrowing them down can be overwhelming, so don't get caught up in spending hours browsing without actually making a decision.

Give yourself enough time to choose something suitable - rushing around at the last minute will make you feel really pressured to choose and if you can avoid making a decision under stressful circumstances then it will be a lot easier.

Think outside the box

Choosing something which they won't already have is also a consideration, but there are plenty of unique and individual ideas which they will not already have.
For something which you can be sure they won't already have, why not consider a personalised gift such as his and hers engraved wine glasses, a chopping board with their names carved into it or even a piece of unique art which features their personal details.

If you really cannot think of anything which they need, then just get them something they would like, such as a chance to spend some time together once the excitement of the wedding is all over.

There are plenty of experience gifts for two which might make their day, such as a night in a hotel, a meal out at a fine dining restaurant or something really exciting such as white water rafting or bungee jumping.

Whatever their interests or personal tastes, choosing a wedding present should be a pleasure rather than a chore, and if you use it as a chance to really think about the couple and their interests then you will find something which suits them down to the ground.

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