What Should You Do If You Wake Up In A White Hot Sweat In The Middle Of The Night?

Published: 08th April 2015
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Have you ever had THIS happen to you?

It's the still of the night. It's quiet, real quiet. There's no movement going on at all, anywhere.

Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, without warning, you're woken. You throw yourself up, heart pumping furiously, your breathing way out of sync with the norm. You're sweating like the next door neighbour's dog.

Thoughts are flying around your head at a pace that has the strength to knock you down, and out. You throw the bedclothes onto the floor and hurtle downstairs, in the hall way, into the kitchen... anywhere!You just can't think straight. But... you know that there's something important that's clawing away at you, the very something that caused your violent awakening.

What's just happened?What's happened was the result of maybe days, weeks, months, even years of information that's been logged into your head, that now, wants to escape.

And what type of information am I talking about?

It could be something like your own money-making formula, a business idea, a profitable joint venture, a set of skills you wanted to grasp, a seminar you recently attended, or attended a year ago... whatever it was for you, something about it, CAME ALIVE in your mind!

Something so powerful that it HAD to make its presence felt.Maybe the dreams of riches, struck the right chord... Maybe it was the thought of finally, once and for all, that you are on the right path to being your own boss...

Maybe it was the ability to fork out money for anything you wanted, without flinching... Maybe it was the security of knowing that if your fortune was sadly taken away from you, you'd have the money making skills to leap back into the good life in the mere twinkling of an eye.I don't know, but it was something.

So what do you do now, now that you're in this WHITE HOT 'thinking zone?Well, the first thing to do is NOT to shrug it all off as some flash-in-the-pan. occurrence. I mean, it'd pretty easy to disregard what's just happened as something insignificant.The next thing to do is to scamper for a notebook, a bit of paper, anything to scribble on... and... a pen.

AND THEN... write everything down that pours out of your little head. For in amongst all that information, will sit the JEWEL that you knew you always had.But... this time... this time you're going to make that jewel sparkle and make it give out all its magnificent wealth.

This time you're NOT going to let it slip away like a shadow in the night.For, contained in that simple little discipline, are the seeds of a powerful and successful life.Capturing good ideas is like trying to grab a hold of slippery fish. Once they wriggle out of your hands, that's it, they're back into the ocean, waiting for the next person to land it, and then, throw it back into the waters.

That's why, keeping something handy near your bedside cabinet that you can scribble on, is always smart thinking. For you never know when a good idea will strike. And rest assured... THEY WILL STRIKE... so; you want to be receptive to when they make their appearance.

Never let it be said that you had a barn load of ideas, but you never captured any of them to turn them into a wealth-producing machine.And, the next stage in the success sequence is to turn those ideas you've captured, into a PLAN OF ACTION.It all seems pretty harmless, pretty easy to do, doesn't it? But tell you what...it's pretty easy NOT TO DO also.

So then, next time you find yourself in a sweaty, can't sleep, pulsating, excited panic in the still of he night, you'd have been prepared to calmly, lean over to your bedside cabinet, get the notebook and pen and then... WRITE LIKE HELL!It really is the time when GREAT IDEAS COME TO LIFE!


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