What Should You Look For in a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Published: 22nd November 2016
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Finding The Best Criminal Attorney For You

If you have been arrested for a crime, you are probably trying to figure out how to pick the right criminal defense attorney. The best criminal defense lawyers can work to reduce or totally avoid having to go to jail, get you a favorable period of probation through plea negotiations, and maybe get the criminal case dismissed or amended to a lesser charge. Call the lawyer and set up a free consultation at his office to review the criminal case you or a family member has. Read on to learn more about how to pick the right criminal defense attorney.

Pick an Experienced and Knowledgeable Attorney. Find a criminal defense attorney that has the knowledge, training, and experience to best represent you. This attorney should know the criminal code and how to prepare a solid criminal defense to successfully advocate on behalf of his or her clients. The Attorneys must be able to hire his own investigative team as a means of gathering additional evidence in support of your case.

1. Hiring a public defender is an option, but the case load they have to manage is usually huge, with this said you should try to hire an outside criminal attorney that has.

2. Hire an Attorney that is Highly Skilled in Negotiating Plea Bargains

Most criminal matters settle through plea bargains in lieu of going to trial. Before you hire a criminal defense attorney, find out how he/she goes about negotiating plea deals on their client's behalf. Make certain not to retain a lawyer that doesn't have extensive knowledge and experience negotiating plea deals with the prosecutor. The results could be that you spend time in jail or a lengthy probationary period that didn't have to happen.

3. Hire an Attorney that will Aggressively Advocate on Your Behalf

Find out how the attorney advocates for their clients. Being charged with a criminal offense can result in serious consequences and repercussions if you are convicted. Only retain a lawyer or attorney that handles your criminal case with dedication rather than sits back in the way he represents you in your case. The right attorney must always discover imaginative means to have your criminal charges lowered or altogether dropped.

4.Find Out How the Attorney Manages His/Her Cases

The way an attorney manages his/her cases says a lot about him/her and how your case may pan out. Inquire of the lawyer whether or not he will be the lead attorney in the criminal matter, or some other attorney from the law firm. Moreover, find out if the lawyer goes to the jail to see his clients if they are in jail, if not ask him how often he calls his clients to inform them about their case.

5.Does the Attorney Charge Reasonable Fees?

Attorney fees for criminal defense representation ranges anywhere between $2,000 to $10,000 depending on the nature of the offense (example - multiple felony or misdemeanor charges), and how much work and time the attorney will have to invest into obtaining expert witnesses and evidence to preserve your innocence. Before you hire your attorney, make sure you discuss all costs associated with representation so you are not alarmed when the bill comes due.

6. Ask if the Criminal Lawyer has Experience in Jury Trials?

Hire an attorney that has exceptional trial experience. The lawyer you pick for your criminal case should be able to give you specific cases that he has tried to a jury and prevailed. You do not want to go to trial with an inexperienced attorney. Doing so can result in you serving jail/prison time.


Charles J Kania is an attorney in Claremore Oklahoma. Among other practice areas, his law firm practices criminal defense law. Charles J Kania is also a writer of criminal defense blogs and website articles. His writings are easy to understand giving his readers valuable criminal defense information. See more at http://www.claremoreattorneys.net/

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