What Symptoms to Expect During a Home Body Detox

Published: 23rd July 2007
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Detoxification is the process of ridding toxins from the body. Detoxifying is not a simple process and it is riddled with symptoms that are both physical as well as mental. These symptoms will vary in intensity from being a minor irritation to something that can be considerably hard to deal with.

This should not scare you away from beginning this process. These symptoms go away with time and you are left feeling better then you ever have in you life. It is this reason that you should seriously consider detoxifying your body.

The symptoms that you can experience during detoxifying may include clogged sinuses, constipation, diarrhea, cough, fatigue, fever, flu or cold like symptoms, gas, headache, irritability, moodiness, rashes or stomachache.

It is not uncommon for people as they begin detoxification to think that they are sick. You must recognize and accept that these symptoms are not created by an ailment but by a cure. You are going to feel better then you ever have after you detox your body. The most important thing to do while you are detoxing is rest.

There is not a best age to begin your detoxification, and it is never to late to start. Remember that the older you are, the more toxins there are already stored in your body and the slower your metabolism is going to be. Just be persistent and do not give up. You will feel better, younger, stronger, and more alive.

You need to know the stages of Detox symptoms and what to expect. The beginning stage usually lasts 10 days on average. However, it has been known for some people to take a few months. You are actually going to feel very weak during this time.

This is because the energy that is usually present in the external parts of your body start to move inward towards the organs. This makes the muscles feel tired, but in all actuality, the power in your body is getting stronger.

This power is going into rebuilding organs and less is available to help the muscles. It is vital that, at this stage, you do not waste your energy. You will need to rest more, sleep more and avoid stimulants in order to stay awake. Handling this first stage right makes the rest of the transition smoother and more beneficial.

The first phase of Detox is focused on elimination. This is the breakdown of tissue. In essence, it is the spring-cleaning of the body by the body.

During this time your body is laying a new and improved foundation so that the structure and all that is encompasses is stronger and more efficient. Wastes are eliminated rapidly which results in sudden weight loss. This stage will continue for some time until stabilization occurs.

Stabilization is the second phase of detoxification. During this stage your weight will become more or less balanced. The amount of waste that is discarded each day is now equal to the amount of tissue that is created and then replaced by food that is more vital. This can only happen after the body has rid itself of the toxins that are in the tissue.

There is a third Detox stage where you will actually see your weight increase. Even though your diet is lower in calories here, most of the toxins have been eliminated and the new tissue that has been developed is of better quality and will not break down as easily.

Your need for the usual amount of food will decrease which allows your weight to be maintained yet you will experience increased energy. You may find that you are one of the many that is able to function on just two meals a day.

It cannot be stressed enough that you really will feel like a new person after detoxification. The process is difficult, but there is not anything else that you could do that will better improve your health than to simply rid your body of toxins.

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Amy Bass has been studying health for over ten years and is very passionate about natural health and alternative medicine.

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