What To Do If You Didn't Save Enough For College

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Published: 06th February 2017
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College isn't getting cheaper. Each year the amount of student loans applied for are going up. Having a plan, or even just letting your child know you don't have one, takes some of the stress of college off. Actually keeping with a financial plan for a college fund is almost impossible, considering the cost is increasing yearly. It is improbable you will reach your goal before your child goes off to college.
The following are ideas you should look into when you find you have fallen short of your projected college fund.
1. Get your Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The student aid may not be free, to apply is free. Most institutes use the information on this application to set loans and award grants, not just the federal government. Be aware that the interest rate is slightly higher than private companies, but is fixed. You may find you qualify for a grant that will help cover the gap in your college fund.
2. Rent your college textbook. Renting them, instead of buying them, can save you up to 90 percent through the Department of Textbook Rentals. They offer free shipping both ways to make it easier for the students to get the books. This would also include literature books, and books needed to keep your certificates current.
3. Check for local grants and scholarships. Local businesses and organizations sporadically offered to local students. These are often little known so the chances increase of being awarded. The most common places to look are 4-H, banks, car dealerships, hospitals, or real estate offices. Some scholarships are given in honor of a deceased loved one.
4. Community college courses. This gives you the opportunity to get understudy courses at a lower tuition, while saving money on a room away from home. This really could be in the difference in hundreds of dollars for the same class needed for your college degree.
5. Investigate instate college discounts. If you plan to go to college in your region, look to see if they will give you a discount. Each region wants to keep its young professionals in their area to encourage local businesses to thrive. They know people excel, and stay in one area if the family is with them.
6. Scholarships aren't just for those who excel in athletics and academics. Your counselor at school would be a good person to start with, if they don't know, they should be able to send you to someone who does have the knowledge.

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