What To Expect During Dental Implant Surgery

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Published: 06th February 2017
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After finding the USC dentist and after taking the prerequisite steps, the time has come for you to have the dental implant surgery. There are lots of hearsay about the procedure. Most of them suggest that it is too painful and scary. But in reality, there is nothing to worry about. In fact, there is a 98% success rating for this surgery. And its recovery is quite expected.

If you really want to know how does the dental implant procedure works, read the following information.

During dental implant procedure
There are stages of dental implant surgery that patients and dentist follow.

Removing of the damaged teeth. Before the implant will be placed, the dentists pull out the damaged tooth or teeth. This may take some time before the implant is installed.

Checking of jawboneís condition. One of the requirements of dental implant is a good jawboneís condition. This means that the bone is enough (isnít too thick or too soft) to support the implant. Otherwise, you have to undergo bone grafting.

Undergo bone grafting. Bone grafting is only for patients who donít have the good jawbone condition of the implant site. Other patients are not required to undergo such. Bone grafting makes the base of implant more solid so it will not conflict with the implant. Once the bone bone heals, the dentist will now place the implant to the site.

Placement of dental implant. After the patient has passed all the prerequisites, the dentists will now install the implant. But the implant does not include the abutment and the crown yet. Itís only the metal implant post. The dentist will cut the gum to expose the bone. The bone will be drilled to make a hole where the implant will be placed.

Wait until the bone and metal fuse. This process is called osseointegration, in which the metal implant post and the bone unites. This usually takes four to six months to fully heal.

Placement of abutment. When the osseointegration is done, the abutment or the bridge between the post and the crown is placed. The dentist will reopen the gum to expose the implant and place the abutment. Patients have to wait one or two weeks for the crowning.
Placement of the crown. This is the crowning moment that the patients are waiting. They will have to choose what teeth to place and making sure that they look natural.

Is the dental implant procedure too painful?
The answer is a simple no. Thanks to anesthesia. Although you may feel the drilling sound during the dental implant placement, but this will not hurt.

Additionally, follow the dentistís instructions during the whole process and enjoy the benefits of dental implant surgery.

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