What to Expect from your Cloud Service Provider?

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Published: 04th June 2017
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We all know by now, that shifting to Cloud will be a Cost effective cost cutting solution for any organization that plans to operate long run. With the advent of Social Media the explosion of Data is very large compared to times where the businesses would be operating within the geographical limitations.
Storing and maintaining in house servers has become redundant. So now when you arrive at the decision of finally making the shift to Cloud Server. How to choose the right cloud service provider? The answer is who fits your organizational needs the best. However you can ask the following questions to reach an appropriate choice.

• Features and Specification: This is the primary questions Do they have the requirement fitting your Business. What are the variations and options they provide and which one works best for you? To choose between Cloud server, VPS, CDN.

• Deployment and Integration: More than anything your cloud service provider should have a hands on expertise in being able to smoothly shift your data and integrate the systems safely without any loss of Data.

• Trial Period: Do they have a Trial Period, where your company can actually work on the new experience of cloud.

• Service provider credibility: This is an imperative question as to how many years have they been in business and what kind of clients have they previously worked with.

• Reliability and Uptime: The major concern with decision makers is that of security, reliability as well as uptime. The primary reason why most companies do shift to cloud is to reduce any downtime they face with in house servers.

• Technical Engineers: Do they have qualified and experienced round the clock engineers employed with them? How soon will a problem be resolved when an engineer is contacted or after you have raised a Ticket

• Cost: Yes cost is definitely and obviously taken in to account as this will be a recurring cost. However one needs to make a comparison between maintenance of in house server and Cloud server.

• Physical Environment and Safety: Your Data will be somewhere out of your current location. This question does play a crucial role as to how the server provider maintains and safe guards the physical environment and takes care of the safety of your data.
• Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan: In case of a situation where some calamity does strike, does your cloud service provider have a backup plan. If yes, 90% of your problems are solved.

• Operational Transparency: Since the concept of shifting to cloud server is still young, and not everyone is coherent about its functionality it is imperative the operational transparency is maintained. As this is a Trust Factor, about storing the most valuable resource of an organisation the service provider’s operational transparency becomes the deal breaker.

• Security: The one question that rings in every one’s head is my data secure in a remote location? What if it is hacked? Can you or can you not trust your service provider solely depends on them producing the existing systems as well as the list of clients as well as their complexities; which have been using the cloud service providers services in the past.

Given all the technicalities a thorough thought and an apprehensive approach is still advisable. Having said that shifting to cloud would be the best decision a commercial organisation would make. As to saving cost and achieving competitive advantage over their peers, shifting to cloud seems to pay the way for the future.

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