What to Look For In a Perfect Furnished Apartment in New York City

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Published: 10th January 2017
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Finding an apartment in a big city can be more difficult than you might think. Sure, there are hundreds, even thousands of available apartments for rent. However, when you are trying to find the right apartment to move into, it is important to get it right the first time. Imagine the horror of finally arriving at your new place, only to discover that it has be misrepresented to you? Even worse, finding what seems like your dream home for a "too good to be true" price, only to find out that your dream home is located in a bad or remote neighborhood! This can become especially complicated when you are not familiar with the area where you are renting, and even more so if you are trying to complete the rental process over the computer, without visiting the area first. This is where FamGroup comes in. We know you are too busy to be running around unfamiliar cities looking at apartments. Instead, we make sure that every singe property listed by FamGroup meets our strict quality and safety standards. All of our apartments are located in safe neighborhoods, within walking distance of convenient public transportation. We also make sure that all of our properties are conveniently located near most or all of the daily necessities you might want or need for shopping, dining and much more. Check out the map on the website and you view the street and see exactly what businesses are on your block. However, with FamGroup you already know that needs and conveniences will be within reach. When you rent with FamGroup, you can rest assured that the properties you are looking at meet these standards, so there will be no surprises on moving day.

New York City can be an expensive place to live. This is a fact that most New Yorkers learn very quickly after moving to the city. For this same reason, New Yorkers learn how to be smart about saving money in their day-to-day life so that they can have fun and splurge on the occasional night on the town, Broadway musical, or fancy dinner at one of the city's many world-renowned restaurants. In between, its important not to spend too much extra money on things as simple as food and transportation. A couple of ways that you can save your pennies living in New York is by trying not to spend a lot every day on eating out, or on transportation. It can be tempting, especially with all the amazing cuisine in the city, to spend money on meals out. Similarly, the cost of transportation can add up quickly if you take taxis wherever you go; and those yellow taxis all over the place sure are tempting after a long, tiring day. FamGroup's convenient locations all over the city take both of these issues into mind. FamGroup makes sure that you can save money by cooking delicious, balanced meals at home with kitchens that come equipped with every appliance and utensil you could possibly need, including stove-top ranges, ovens, refrigerators and microwaves. Not only that, but we choose locations that have everything you need within walking distance, including food shopping. Even better, most FamGroup apartments are a very short walk to the nearest Subway or bus station, eliminating the need for cabs. With NYC's super convenient subway system, you can travel quickly and easily all over the city for 2 dollars and some change!

If you are interested in relocating to a beautiful, exciting city but you are too busy with your own life to even think about traveling, meeting with realtors, going to open-houses and everything else, FamGroup is here. It's hard to find the right place from afar, especially when you need to be available to pounce on the right apartment before it gets snatched up by someone else! With FamGroup, you don't have to worry about any of this, because we do it for you! The experience of shopping for a new place to live is completely different when you work with FamGroup, and it is surprisingly easy and stress-free. Instead of running around a confusing new city, you can browse all of our properties from the comfort of your home. You can even do it from work or school, any time you have a spare minute. All it takes is a few clicks of the mouse, and you can browse through our extensive database of properties. Look at the many pictures posted for every property, including multiple pictures of every room from every angle: these pictures give you a real idea of what the apartment's interior looks like. There is also a map location feature, so you can scan the area around the apartment yourself. With this, you can see for yourself exactly what businesses are located in the general vicinity of the apartment and even what the closest coffee shop is! This along with the details and prices listed for each property will help you to find the perfect place for you. Once you've narrowed it down, just give us a call when you can and FamGroup will get started right away guiding you through the rental process. You won't believe how easy it is!

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