What You Should Expect From A Personal Injury Attorney

Published: 22nd November 2016
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What Goes Into Hiring an Injury Lawyer

Before you hire a personal injury attorney, you should review his/her qualifications to ensure that you will receive the legal representation you deserve. In particular, you should consider hiring a bodily injury lawyer that has exceptional trial experience, is thorough at propounding and examining discovery, and knows when to settle and when to fight for more damages. Read on to learn more about what you should consider when hiring a personal injury lawyer.

1. Bodily Injury Negotiation and Settlement Expertise.

Hire an injury attorney that is an exceptional negotiator. Throughout your case, there will likely be several settlements offered from the opposing party. The injury lawyer must be capable of negotiating a good settlement of the case for you. Inquire of the injury lawyer what method he likes to employ when negotiating and what his strongest and perhaps weakest traits are when the negotiations begin. Of primary importance, don't retain an injury lawyer that tends to give in to the whims of the insurance company or opposing law firm. Your personal injury attorney should be prepared to defend every claim you set forth to obtain the best settlement possible on your behalf.

2. Investigation Techniques.

Strong investigative techniques helps win injury cases. Your attorney should know which discovery tools and techniques to use to make sure you obtain any information relevant from the opposing party to win your case. An experienced attorney will know what type of professionals to consult with to obtain expert advice in preparation for trial or settlement negotiations. The outcome of your personal injury case will depend on the type of evidence your lawyer gathers.

3. Trial Experience.

As mentioned above, hire an attorney that has superb trial experience. Your attorney should be able to provide you with a history of cases in which he/she has tried and won. You do not want to go to trial with an inexperienced personal injury attorney. Doing so can jeopardize the possibility of winning.

4. Communication Skills.

Do not hire an attorney that is unwilling to contact you and provide you with an update about your case. Attorney-client communication is key to winning your claim. The personal injury lawyer you hire must keep you informed of the important happenings involving your bodily injury claim. Do not stay with an attorney that refuses to call you, respond to your messages, or routinely fails to meet with you.

5. Case Management .

One of the most important things you should ask your personal injury lawyer is how he/she will go about managing your case. Find out if the attorney will personally manage your case or if their associate will be handling the matter. Also, ask the lawyer if he will personally be attending the possible negotiations of your case and also be the lawyer that appears for you in civil court. Hire an attorney that will be by your side throughout the whole proceeding. If the attorney is too busy to assist you, then consider hiring a new personal injury attorney.

6. Know the Attorney Fees & Related Costs.

Before you hire your personal injury attorney, make sure the attorney addresses how you will be billed throughout the course of the lawsuit. Most injury lawyers work personal injury claims on a "contingency fee." This means that the attorney will not get paid for the work he/she provides until you get paid. You do not have the pay the attorney upfront; however, be careful when hiring an injury law firm because some may request for you to pay all associated court costs such as court fees for filing your personal injury claim.


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