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Published: 06th February 2017
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In the fast track of technological world, we come across much new advancements in web as well as mobile applications. Out of many leading platforms, ColdFusion application development has become a popular option for companies of all sizes. In short we can say it as an ideal solution for many of your business related concerns. Have any plans to surge the interactivity of your website? Then, upgrade yourself with all the upcoming versions of ColdFusion like CF 11.
When a new product of the same brand or model is being launched or introduced into the market, obviously we can find some advancement in its apps, features or any others. In the same fashion ColdFusion 11 that is introduced by Adobe in recently has undergone many improvements and to make people understand it in a better way about this version here i am outlining few highlights that would support you to improve your awareness on all the latest versions of Adobe.
Below are the Major Enhancements and changes that happened in CF 11
End-to-End Mobile Application development: CF11 Introduces rapid mobile application development through ColdFusion builder, debugging, packaging and deployment.
ColdFusion Express Edition: ColdFusion Express is a new light weight edition of the ColdFusion Server and is ideal for developers to quickly setup and run the Server for testing and debugging purpose.
Language Enhancements: Till date ColdFusion has come up with numerous number of advancements and modifications that would give a fine and better experience for a developer. The core CFML language enhancements in new version include new language constructs, extended tag support and modified script functions.
Rest Enhancements: The New Version supports site-level REST applications and enables pluggable serializer and de-serializer.
Security Enhancements: ColdFusion 11 has come up with security enhancements and bug fixes. This update fixes few security issues and has strengthened the Server to a large extent.
Web Socket Enhancements: It is a known fact that for sending and receiving of data packets, connections of web sockets mainly make use of HTTP ports. Hence HTML5 web sockets are said as firewall-friendly that do not require any hardware or ports to be installed. And in the situations when there will be of no proxy server or a firewall between the CF server as well as the browser, this Web Socket connection workout perfectly until both of the clients and servers understand the protocol of web socket clearly. Reportedly, CF 11 has come up with the new features known as proxy, SSL and cluster support.
ColdFusion new advancements too, as CF 11 has now come up with a new built-in tag that would be supportive to deal in a better way with Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, Linked-in and many others.
Other enhancements include Spreadsheet enhancements, compression enhancements, Charting enhancements, PDF generation enhancements. All the above changes and enhancements have made the life of a developer easy.

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