Which Binary Options Broker Has Better Bonuses - ZoneOptions or OptionFair?

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Published: 31st October 2014
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Which broker offers better binary options trading bonuses Zone Options or Option Fair? Find out the answer in this exclusive review!

Bonuses from OptionFair
The OptionFair provides different bonuses on many occasion. Some bonuses are available on limited offer while others are permanent offers for every person who opens the account with the platform. Every new trader is entitled to get at least 30 percent of the deposit he makes. You have to read the terms and conditions of the broker about the bonus to know the time that you will be allowed to withdrawal your bonus.
The amount you get for your first bonus, it will depend on the amount of the deposit you make. If you make the deposit that equals 499 dollar or below, then you will get 10 percent bonus if your deposit is between 500 dollar to 999 dollar, you get 20 percent bonus and if you make between 1000 to 5000 dollar deposit, you get 30 percent bonus. The bonus you get if you make the first deposit, it will not exceed 1500 dollar.

The risk free trader bonus
The OptionFair has the best opportunity for the people who want to trade. It is 5 risk free trade for the first time traders. This means that the trades are insured. When you lose the broker will refill the account. The money that is added to your account after losing will taken as the bonus and you should treat it as the bonus if you wish to use it or to withdrawal it.

The refer a friend bonus
This is the program where the OptionFair rewards the traders who want to share the knowledge with their friends. When you refer your friend and he opens an account and make a deposit of more than 200 dollars, then you will get the bonus of 50 dollars while your friends will get 25 dollar bonus. To qualify for the bonus, you will have to contact the customer care when your friends opens the account so that you can get the bonuses
However the Option Fair limits how many times that you can refer friends. You will only be qualified for 5 times when you refer 5 friends

The bonuses from Zone Options
The broker offer different promotions and bonuses. In addition of the bonus of risk free for ne trade, you will also be able to enjoy the bonus if you refer a friend. You will also get the bonus when you make your first deposit after opening your account.
Your first deposit will be calculated in the following way.
If you make the deposit which is between 200 up to 499, the bonus will be 20 percent. If you make the deposit from 500 to 999, the bonus will be 30 percent. If you make the deposit which is more than 1000, you will get the bonus of 40 percent. The currency to deposit can be in the GBP, EUR and USD currency.
The minimum amount that you can deposit is based on 200 unit while the maximum bonus that you can is on the 4000 units. The account that you open support euros, British pounds and US dollars. If you want to withdrawal the bonus, you will have to make the trades which is at least 20 times of the bonus that you got. After making the trade, you can talk to the Zone Options and you will be able to withdrawal the bonus together with other profits that you may have made.

The Risk free promotion for first trade of Zone Options
You can enjoy the great incentives to trade with the Zone Options. This means that you will get the refund of 50 dollar, pounds or euro if your trade is losing. This means that the new traders can enjoy risk free introduction on their trades.

The refer a Friend Bonus from Zone Options
If you opened a trading account on Zone Options, you may enjoy a referral bonus. To get this bonus is simple and every person whom you will refer, will give you a chance to get 50 of the currency that you are trading with. You can refer as many friends as you can since there is not limit in the number of people that you can refer.

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