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Published: 08th May 2020
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In terms of reputation, Wholesale7.net is definitely not a big name on the global market, but you will be attracted to look closer at the shopping site to search for great deals on fashionable clothing and accessories. The store claims that it is a wholesale supplier but in fact it also takes retail orders. The only difference between retail and wholesale orders is the pricing. The prices shown on the product pages at Wholesale7.com are all for retail only and you will get a lower wholesale price if you order in a larger quantity.

Cheap Discounted Chiffon Dresses at Wholesale7.net

Unlike most Chinese online international fashion stores, Wholesale7.net does not just offer womenís apparel and accessories only. It also carries an unparalleled range of menís fashion products. Anyway, womenís dresses are still the biggest catalog of the store. There you can almost any type of womenís outfit supplies, including dresses, tops, bottoms, intimates, outerwear, shoes, bags, jewelry & watches and more.

The prices offered by Wholesale7.net on most products are unbeatably low, which indeed proves that it is basically a wholesale store. In addition, you can regularly find rare deals with deep discounts from their promotions such as flash sales, seasonal sales, holiday sales or by taking advantage of the coupon codes they release. Do remember to hunt for valid Wholesale7.net discount codes when deciding to place an order there. That may help you save even more.

Note that the site does not provide free shipping service. It charges a low discounted shipping fee on most orders. Of course, you may sometimes be lucky enough to enjoy free shipping on select products from a particular free shipping promotion. The shipping methods it accepts are classified into 3 types: flat rate shipping (7-25 business days), standard rate shipping (6-10 business days) 7-25 business days and expedited rate shipping (3-7 business days). For details, please click here.

The currently available payment options at Wholesale7.net include Paypal, credit cards (via Paypal), wire transfer and Western Union. As always, before you have completed trusted the store, you are encouraged to use Paypal or credit cards to make the payment to best protect your interest.

Base on my research, though Wholesale7.net is quite a young player in the field of Chinese international fashion trading, it should be a legitimate site for the following reasons:
1. The site uses McAfee to protect the privacy of its users, including but not limited to the confidential information the user input into the site.

2. It is a sister site affiliated to the famous China-based online fashion store Wholesale7.net, which is among the big names in the cross-border fashion industry.

3. It provides safe payment methods such as Paypal.

4. It has got lots of customer reviews at both its own websites and other third-party review websites. Though some of the reviews may be negative, this at least shows that the company really exists and is doing serious business with buyers all around the world.

5. Wholesale7.net provides handy customer service to answer your questions or handle your cases. Its live chat service is easy to reach, which impresses me quite deeply as rare Chinese stores are able to provide such efficient and convenient customer service.

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