Why a full service ad agency is essential for your company

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Published: 10th May 2020
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Companies usually end up making wrong choices when it comes to selecting their Indian advertising agency. While it is essential to hire an advertising agency for marketing one’s businesses, there are several other services that also come in handy for companies including branding, digital marketing and public relations. Companies usually end up working with advertising agencies in addition to hiring brand consultancies, public relations agencies and digital marketing partners. Not only does this lead to more confusion on account of managing and handling separate teams, it also leads to more unwarranted expenses. Such a situation can be avoided by hiring a full service agency. Hiring a full service agency has several benefits for companies. A full ad agency service is more cost effective and integrated, thereby giving companies greater leverage for their marketing and branding campaigns.

A full service creative ad agency gives a company greater bang for its buck in terms of planning out an integrated campaign right from the word go. At the outset itself, the agency will divide branding campaigns and activities into several parts and there will always be a one stop sense of cohesion that keeps the marketing plan together. Additionally, a full service agency will help companies get the best marketing and branding platforms for their products together as part of one integrated campaign with experts manning these platforms. From outdoor advertising India to digital and social media marketing to television commercials to print and radio commercials and media buying and planning, a full service agency will have a single key idea spread across suitably through different divisions courtesy skilled personnel. This is what makes a full service agency better and different from its traditional counterparts.

A good full service advertising agency India will always endeavor to chart out a more comprehensive course and companies only have to deal with one organization. Additionally, a full service advertising player will specialize in almost all aspects of the media and communication process and this translates into several hidden benefits that start emerging when a particular campaign is unveiled. Rego Advertising is one of the best full service agencies offering a comprehensive bouquet of services that promise to elevate client campaigns and marketing programmes to entirely new heights. Lending new dimensions to marketing plans with full service packages and multi-domain expertise has always been Rego’s motto and this has helped it serve several leading clients across the country.

Jason Rego is an advertising industry expert and advises companies on choosing service providers, campaign intricacies and finding the best services for their needs.

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