Why Bother with Offline Dating Services?

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Everything is online these days, including dating services, so why bother with offline dating agencies? Isn't online the modern way to go?

There are many Australian dating sites and lots more that give you access to the profiles of people around the world. It can be fun to join up with these dating services and spend endless hours trawling through profiles, but most do little to filter out the mass of people who are not remotely compatible with you. There is no way of knowing if your prospects are married or just out for a casual fling. There are a few websites that offer a paid online dating service for singles, and they may make some effort to match people, but if you are serious about finding that special someone, a professional offline dating agency is the most effective option.

What's Different About an Offline Dating Service?

An offline dating service will probably have a website too, but the difference is that they meet their clients face-to-face and get to know them before matching them up with prospects. In most online dating sites there is no screening and you must take the profiles at face value even though there is no way of knowing if the pictures and descriptions are genuine. The screening offered by an offline dating service means you can be sure before you meet any prospects that they are genuinely interested in a long-term loving relationship just as you are.

Another difference is that with an offline dating agency you can be sure every prospective date lives somewhere near you and not on the other side of the world. There's no chance you will end up spending thousands of dollars chasing your dream overseas only to be disappointed, or worse.

Other Services Offline Dating Services Offer

Every professional offline dating service for singles has a vested interest in their clients, and they spend time and effort helping you to build an accurate profile that will be sure to attract the right person for you. They don't just arrange dates and leave you to your own devices but they are also there to advise you and give you helpful tips to maximise your chances of success. Unlike online sites, a real person in the offline dating agency continues to be there to encourage and support you as long as you need them.

Is it all Offline?

The world wide web is everywhere, including in an offline dating agency, and you will have the opportunity to talk to your prospective date on the phone and exchange messages via Facebook or other social networking sites if you want to before you actually meet them in person. The major difference with offline dating is that someone has already met and interviewed your date and determined in a face-to-face meeting that the two of you could be just right for each other.

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