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Published: 05th February 2017
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Spain - is one of the most popular touristic destinations in the world. There are chic and old cities out here such as Barcelona and Madrid, with rich history and traditions. Spain holds a lot of ancient festivals, carnivals and holidays, such as the Tomatina, Corrida and Ibiza - for participation in which people come from all over the world. Besides the fact that Spain own island destinations such as Majorca, Canary Islands, Tenerife and Ibiza - within Spain also owns a major tourist areas, such as the coast of Andalusia, Murcia and Valencia, Galicia. Due to the popularity of these regions and their relatively easier accessibility than Asian resorts, property in Spain gets an unprecedented demand. Spain is famous for its wildlife and gorgeous scenery. Spain has a very soft and warm climate that is conducive to the development of the tourism business. Euro Villa Banus Group is a company that exists for many years in the Spanish market. Our work is saling, renting and constructioning in Spain. And we have successfully cope with this work over the years. Our vast experience gained during this time, enables us to predict the processes and operate in the Spanish property market. It is our experience has led us to pay close attention to Marbella.

Marbella town is located in Malaga district with the center in the same city. This is the city that has the largest number of luxury property. It is a very beautiful and rich resort town with an incredibly beautiful waterfront and world-class architecture. It has many large parks, and hosts a variety of festivals and celebrations. This is one of the few resorts in Spain, which for many years shows positive dynamics of the real estate and construction. Over the past 50 years, the city has nearly doubled and continues to grow because of its popularity. In the 70's and 80's Marbella was very popular among both ordinary citizens of Arab countries and the royals. A lot of villas were built here over the years. But in recent decades, due to the development of their own resorts, Arab love to Marbella has subsided, which resulted in a four-year crisis in the real estate market in Marbella city which successfully survived, thanks mostly to Russian investors. Marbella has the best property on Costa del Sol. And is constantly attracting new investors from Europe. At the moment, the main customers for the construction of Marbella are Russian citizens, their overall market share is 22%. Villas in Marbella are demand for the reason that in an unstable currency situation in Europe, wealthy people have decided to invest it in property, and given that Marbella shows the most positive of all the Spanish resorts dynamics, businessmen invested in the construction of luxury apartments Marbella.

Villas sale in Marbella in the last three years has increased by an average of 21%, which makes it tempting for investors. But people build and buy apartments in Marbella, not only because the resort is popular because of its profitability. After all, it is not the only thing that makes Marbella so attractive. Marbella - is a place comparable to the most beautiful places in the world. But in addition to its scenic beauty, Marbella, in contrast to the same Bahamas, Cambodia, is located in Europe, and thus geting in it is much easier. And the choice between the country you have to spend a lot of time and money to get in and Marbella is not difficult at all. Service here is paramount and no worse level than in the Dubai or Qatar.

Villas in Marbella are truly luxurious. Most of them are luxury villas, but there are, of course, more economical options. For those who believe that the villa - is too expensive, you can always buy an apartment in Marbella for a reasonable price. Buying a villa in Marbella is a legally complex process that requires certain skills and knowledge. But many years of experience Euro Villa Banus Group speaks for itself and things that are a problem for other companies are not difficult for us. We have a huge selection of Marbella property on our website banus.ru, we provide consulting services, both in acts of buying and selling property, and construction works. Our company also provides services of villa rent in Marbella for those who have not decided to buy a villa right or not, and wants first few times to travel with family, friends or partner, to get comfortable, and sometimes just to relax, after all, not everyone wants to buy villa in Marbella.

In addition to the processes related to the sale of villas and apartments in Marbella the Euro Villa Banus Group Company is also a specialist in the field of construction in Marbella and beyond. Construction in Spain has its own specific and can only be done by Spanish companies, only Spanish workers, only with the permission of the Spanish authorities and the only with Spanish architect for the project. Due to the accumulated over many years experience, we have a huge database of all these aspects and can offer them to our customers, if they are necessary. Entrusting your construction to Euro Villa Banus Group company, you trust it to professionals who have a clear plan and know exactly what to do, when and in what time frame. So, you're dealing with a company with a European reputation, which means that all work will be carried out strictly in accordance with the laws, regulations and the highest quality. Also, this means that all work will be completed on time and will comply with all provided estimates.

Website banus.ru has the widest base of property and apartments in Marbella, both for sale and for rent. We can serve as realtors, and as intermediaries in the sale or lease of property. Generally, renting property in Marbella has several advantages. You can not leave the house unattended for a long time, you can come every time a new home for new impressions, you can also choose the level of the house depending on the party you are traveling with. If you are traveling with your family, you select a large villa so your kids can have somewhere to play and you can relax and if you are traveling alone or in a pair, it makes sense to save on square meters in favor of pragmatism. Also, when renting property in Marbella, you do not have to go through all the bureaucratic processes involved in buying a Spanish property.

But buying a villa in Marbella as well has many advantages over renting. When buying a villa, you no longer have to deal with exhausting search and select of a suitable option, you just go to your house. Plus, having your own villa, allows you will not to depend on the price hikes for rental property. Also, owning your own property in Marbella is a valuable asset, which, given the steady increase in the popularity of the resort can bring, as a result, a considerable profit.

Whichever way of acquisition of property in Marbella you choose, the Euro Villa Banus Group company will help you with a competent advice and a real physical action. Our range of services is quite wide and, unlike most other similar companies, we do not spray and work on one particular market in which we are incomparable to anyone. We provide consulting services, act as a search engine for subcontractors of the construction, we provide look-arrange tours, pick up a variety of options such as buying or renting property in Marbella, use our extensive experience to help our customers with an advice and deed. Despite all our experience, we never stop learning and always move forward. Our website banus.ru is constantly being improved and filled with relevant content. Our employees are constantly increasing their skills and improving, and we strictly follow their professional growth. We constantly monitor all updates in the law and in the construction market. We constantly monitor and update our catalog of proposals for renting and buying property in Marbella.

Responding to a question from the title, why it is worth to work with Euro Villa Banus Group? Because we provide comprehensive services, we are professionals, we are looking for an individual approach to each client and we are leaders in our market. All these advantages make us the ideal company to help in the search for property in Marbella. All, the information you are interested in further you can find on our website banus.ru or by contacting us by phone or mail, which can be found there as well. http://eurovillabanus.com/

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