Why It's Important To Measure Teamwork

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Published: 28th November 2016
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Teamwork is the glue that binds your organization together. No glue and things tend to fall apart or require continual band-aids, patches and fixes. Not what you want to waste your time doing if you are trying to run a high performing organization.

Teamwork is the completely free resource that can add incredible energy, initiative and creativity, cooperation and collaboration to your company or organization and create that very intangible 'good energy' in the way of a happy working climate where people actually like showing up to work. Instead of cracking the whip and getting out the cattle prod for the gold bricking mediocre performers, you've got a motivated and energized workforce that wants to make things happen.

OK everyone wants good teamwork. No one wants to deal with the stressors, conflict, politics, and turnover when teamwork is lacking.
But HOW do you know how to evaluate whether teamwork is on a good track or on a bad one with the work groups and employees at your company?

The first step is to measure teamwork anonymously with San Diego Corporate Training's powerful proprietary instrument: The Teamwork Survey For Intact Work Groups.

This 50 question survey turns over every teamwork rock with each question scored anonymously on a 1-10 scale. This is no survey chimp thrown together haphazard guessing game, it is a well formulated and researched deep teamwork assessment that has been utilized with hundreds of companies from the fortune 500 to the US military.

What you get are overall mean scores for the entire question group ( a 1 to 10 scale for how the teamwork is going overall, and category mean scores for each of 10 categories as well as individual question averages. This in effect- becomes the voice of the team and their impression about themselves.

Open ended questions are also included to get a feel for the tone and color of particular employee opinions who feel they can share opinions anonymously that they never would in an open group setting.

This powerful tool can give you all the information you need about teamwork in any intact work group or department as well as across the entire organization. San Diego Corporate Training can download a pen and pencil version for you to use right now or set you up with an online email teamwork survey that you can administer across the entire world if necessary.

This is a best practice step any HR leader, department manager or company owner should initiate before deciding upon any kind of teamwork intervention, teamwork activity or teamwork training.

FOR PROBLEM TEAM MEMBERS San Diego Corporate Training offers another downloadable assessment called: The Teamwork Behavior Awareness Inventory.

This is a great instrument for addressing the one or two dysfunctional team members who don't seem to integrate well with other members of the team and are holding things up when it comes to teamwork.

Although no one ever sees the results of each employee's self assessment, it is administered in a way that the problem team members get the message and an increased awareness about how their behavior is affecting the rest of the group. Read more at: http://www.sandiegocorporatetraining.com

Finally,SDCT also offers another of their unique authored instruments to measure teamwork called the: Am I A Team Player? Self assessment. This teamwork measurement tool is basically a teamwork 101 education that emphasizes and educated new employees on the importance of team work and helps them see the ripple effects across the entire organization from their individual teamwork behavior.

All three of these instruments are available for immediate download at the San Diego Corporate Training website.

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