Why Motor Club of America

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Published: 05th December 2016
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Hello, My name is Floyd Jones & in this article you will learn why I chose Motor Club of America or MCA.

First off! What is Motor Club of America?

Motor Club of America is just one of many roadside assistance companies serving the United States, Canada, & Puerto Rico. MCA has been around since 1926 & is one of the only roadside assistance companies that offers it's members a unique opportunity to earn money by simply referring other members! (This part right here is what won me over)I looked at this is an opportunity to have my coverage for FREE!!! I will explain this later...

But let's keep going! MCA offers a whole lot more than just roadside assistance! Did I say that their towing is unlimited up to 100 miles? Yep! 100 miles! Can your current company match that? (Crickets) MCA has well over $150,000.00 worth of benefits in it's standard $19.95 package. Packages range from $9.95 monthly-$39.95 monthly. Click the link to see the differences...

Let's talk about that unique referral program for a minute! After all, everybody wants to know how to make more money right? RIGHT!

Every time you refer a member to our company & they purchase our $19.95 package, you are paid a 200% advanced commission the very next Friday! So, today you join at $19.95 monthly, you sign up your spouse & their best friend the same day, the following Friday, you will receive $160.00 direct deposited right into your bank account! (Don't quit your job yet though!) Okay! Let's look at why this made so much sense for me & why I am still with MCA 4 years later. $19.95 per month x 12 months comes to around $240.00 a year for coverage. If I only refer 3 other people in that whole 365 days, I would have broken even & had all that protection for FREE. Get it? 3 x $80=$240.00

If you would like more information on the coverage or the business, click the link at the bottom of this article! Full details will be revealed

Bottom line!

Get over $150,000.00 worth of assurance while driving or working or playing, whatever!

Get paid $80 for every standard referral, increasing your income at will, all while still keeping your job! (If you want to)

If you need more money but don't have time for a 2nd job, this is for you!

If you look into this program & decide that you want more information, feel free to call me directly.

Floyd Jones

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