Why People Prefer Online Shopping More and More

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Published: 08th May 2020
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: Online Shopping has numerous advantages and benefits, so now dayís people prefer online shopping these days over conventional shopping. It is important to understand what is online shopping and what are the pros and cons of online shopping.

If we talk about online shopping some years ago, only a small number of peoples want to prefer online shopping. Very small number of people believed on online shopping. But today almost all people prefer online shopping and they shop regularly. Now question arise in our mind, what has changed in last some years? And when we researched on it, we found a lot of things. And all the changes have made online shopping easier, cheaper and most important thing now it is safer. Today everyone cannot manage to spend hours in shopping malls and select product at best price, online shopping seems easy. Here are some reasons why people prefer online shopping.

1. We can search product or services as we want: when we do online shopping, it is easy to search product or services that we want. You know we have a lot of portals for online shopping so we can easily compare, save our time and choose the best product or services.

2. No Crowd, No Queues: If you donít want to stand in queues or not want to stand in crowd, then you are one click away to get rid of from queues and crowd. Online shopping make your purchasing system easy and stress free.

3. Ease to Shopping: It offers the convenience to shopping, so customer prefers online shopping. There are so many shopping portals like 99ebazaar.com, flipkart.com, snapdeal.com etc., from where you can shop anytime, any day. These shopping portals are available 24/7.

4. Compare Prices and Reviews online: Before making purchase, consumers can easily compare prices and reviews. 81% of people research their purchases online before committing to buy and 79% of consumers believe on online reviews.

5. Better Prices: online shopping portals offer cheap prices then retail stores because in online stores, products directly come from manufacturers or seller without involved any other person. Many online stores offers great discount and discount coupons.

6. Variety: when you shop on retail stores, you need to go different stores for different brands. You cannot shop international brands if brand store is not available nearby you. Online stores offer all brands and products on best prices. We can also buy international brands and products from online shopping stores.

7. Fewer Expenses: Many times when we used to conventional shopping, we spent a lot of money other than actual expenses, on things like eating out, travelling, impulsive shopping etc.

8. Combo Offer: Combo offers are very beneficial for customers in which customer two or more products in single order in cheap prices. Many online shopping portals offers best combo deals online on discount rates.

There are also some disadvantages in online shopping, which are as follows:

1. You cannot try your product ( you just see your product online, read description online and read customers reviews before buying it)
2. You have to wait for some time until the product arrives
3. It can be possible product is different as it show on website.
4. Payment insecurity
5. There is lot of products, those cannot be sell online.
6. It can be damage in process of shipping.

Now days, around the world people like to shop online. They prefer to buy products online so that they can save time and money. Even country like India now prefers online shopping where mostly people consider bargaining. So ultimate we can say that shop anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

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