Why the UK Loves Jute bags

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Published: 25th April 2020
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Despite a reported 8.5 billion single use plastic bags (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-33647326) being distributed in the UK in 2014, reusable Jute bags are still becoming hugely popular in the UK, with companies such as Jutexpo reportedly selling over 50 million bags (https://www.jutexpo.co.uk).

The most obvious reason is the reusability; many jute bags are estimated to last for 3-4 years and so outlast any competitor. After the 3-4 years, many jute bags are in fact, biodegradable and so can help grow potatoes in the garden.

The UK has also been moving towards a greener, less wasteful attitude towards plastic. In fact, following EU regulations, Wales, NI and Scotland have all introduced single use bag charges, while England is set to follow in October 2015. Although only 5p per bag, this slight payment has made Welsh, Northern Irish and Scottish shoppers think more about bag usage and the environmentally issues this causes. Wales saw a 78.2% drop 2010-14, and in 2014 Northern Ireland reported a drop of 42.6% followed an initial 71% drop since the introduction of their charge. In Scotland, there was an 18.3% decrease in the number of plastic bags handed out by retailers.

One major factor for retailers themselves is the promotional opportunities of offering customers a range of reusable jute bags. Many of the jute bags on the market are branded with a logo or recognisable pattern to identify it as company merchandise. The bags are used regularly, travel everywhere and With a 3-4 year lifespan, make a great low cost form of advertising, rivalling television and radio on reach and cost. Many of the bags are also collectables, with renowned designers adding a touch of class to the designs. Some are even replacing handbags due to comfort and space.

With a bag charge set to hit England, we are likely to see continued growth and love for jute bags in the UK. Find your own and start reusing, reducing your carbon footprint and loving your jute bag.

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