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Published: 06th February 2017
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Very famously called as Salisbury till 1982 but now well-known as Harare is one of the most captivating and mesmerizing city of Zimbabwe that is also the largest city of Zimbabwe is none other than Harare. It's an urban area that houses twenty eight hundred thousand people. It's the heart of communication and also serves to be the commercial and leading financial hub of the country that captures the attention of hundreds of all those people who take cheap flights to Harare. The major trades of the city are citrus fruits, cotton, maize and tobacco as well. The largest institution of higher learning of the country known as the University of Zimbabwe is also located here. It is situated in close vicinity to Mount Pleasant, almost 6 kilometers away towards the northern part of the city. The most affluent suburbs of the city are Avondale, Tynwald, Marlborough, Mount Pleasant, Borrowdale and Warren Park. The city is perched on the Highveld plateau of Zimbabwe and features the elevation of more than four thousand eight hundred sixty five feet and the actual landscape of the city can be well defined as Parkland. The city features a subtropical highland climate and the best time to visit this marvelous and spectacular destination is between May and August.
There are many notable and captivating attractions inside the city. Chapungu Sculpture Park is one captivating and spectacular attraction of the region that is frequented by a large variety of people. It is an astonishing and amazing destination of the city that is very famous for its black serpentine stones and rocks as well that are quite unique. These are also scattered around other parts of the country. There are many local talented artists of the country that have created plenty of magical and magnetic masterpieces. Numerous artists have displayed many appealing and astonishing carvings here. Another notable and capturing site of the city is the Kopje; it's a granite hill that is well settled at an elevation and offers you the most jaw dropping and spell-casting vistas of the city. It is located in the southwestern part of the city and is considered to be one of the most important and amazing settlement of the area. The 68ha National Botanic Gardens is another fascinating and appealing and attraction of the city that features a very large space. The Mukuvisi Woodlands is another significant and striking attraction of the city that covers the land area of more than two hundred seventy seven ha and offers shelter to approximately nine hundred species of shrubs and wild trees that belong to various parts of the country. There is a large variety of animals like giraffe, impala, zebra, wildebeest, tsessche, steenbuck, bushbuck, eland and reed buck.
The Queen Victoria Memorial Library also called as the Queen Victoria Museum and the Harare City Library is also worth-seeing and magnetic allurement of the city that is visited by many people. The city is also very famous for its priceless collection of Africana and Rhodesiana in terms of reports, notebooks and diaries also and each one of them is housed in National Archives. The Mining Pension Fund Building is also visited by many tourists that is located at the intersection of Second Street and Central Avenue. There is no lack of amusing and entertaining venues that capture plenty of people- the local clubs and pubs offer you a variety of mouth-watering drinks and the worth-trying ones are local beer, Shake-shake, Bohlingers, Zambesi, locally brewed Castle. The holidaymakers must visit Beverlino Restaurant, Balcony, Globe Trotters, Symphony and also the Stars. There is no shortage of plush and luxurious accommodations in the city as well and each one of them is well equipped with contemporary and extraordinary facilities- the most notable ones are Imba Matombo, Imba Prestige, Simba Harare, Cresta Oasis, Bowood Lodge, Meikles Hotel, Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza Monomotapa and plenty of others. The place is also abundant with many amazing eateries and restaurants that tempt plenty of people-some of the worth-visiting ones are Coimbra (it is located on 61 Selous Avenue) and also the Amanzi Restaurant (it is well settled on 158 Enterprise Road). Apart from these major highlights, there is a lot more that you can enjoy in Harare so pack up your belongings to head towards this heavenly destination by taking flights to Zimbabwe.

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