Why white is pure?

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Color White has always been a symbol of peace, purity and healing. This color portrays a new beginning and a new start. Meaning of white color is a perfect representation of innocence and clarity. This color has always been associated with fortification, harmony and optimism.
White color is so pure in nature that it has a combination of all the colors of rainbow in it. Though white is the most peaceful color but sometimes it creates emptiness in the house if you overdo it as a part of your interiors. However you can counteract it by adding colorful candles, cushions and other decorative items in the house.
Since white is a very versatile color, it’s good to have a mix of white with other colors as a part of your home décor. Purity of white color is used for clear thinking and clarity. White provides energy at home along with providing calmness. Most of the times white is used in directing your energies for an optimum use. It is the most common color to be used in most of spiritual activities and spell work due to its association with cleanliness and protection.
Use of white color in your clothes, home decoration and interiors helps you find the veracity, morality and true value of any thing that matters most in your life. If you are looking for new and fresh start, you must wear white as it embraces newness. It helps in reducing the stress levels too. Creating purity in environment is the basic characteristic of color white.
It’s very nice and interesting to know that babies also comes with white color and print their lives with all the lovely colors around with their experiences. Most of the times white color is used in hospitals and medical practices because it indicates cleanliness and effectiveness. It is considered extremely clinical and sterile.
White recommends fairness and neutrality due to a good mix of all the colors in it. It helps in rescuing people from dark.
Based on these unending benefits of white, By Adab also came up with the idea of creating something which is truly pure and peaceful in nature. White reflects the true identity of our finest Luxury Bed linen range called Mrs Whitica.
This luxury Bed linen range symbolizes virginal purity of white magnified to stratospheric height in this range of exclusive whites’ superfine cotton. It gives you super comfort and a luxurious sheen to delight the sensuous feel. Based on its characteristics it is cool in summer and warm in winter. It enables a divine peace & helps you take a sound sleep.
Mrs Whitica is a collection of white bed sheets and duvet covers with a starting range from 200 Threads/ Sq" and above. This range of Bed linen and duvet covers are perfect for those who are simply in love with white color. This would reflect your inner peace in your home and help you deal with stress.
It’s a super fine quality with a luxurious feel which is a good mix of peace and style.

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