Why you need to build your startup today

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Published: 28th November 2016
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Working shouldn't always be for money. Isn't that counter intuitive to what you have heard all your life? Work hard,get paid, pay the bills, go on vacation. Repeat until you can buy whatever dream you have always dreamed. Is that all there is to our working lives? The truth is, it shouldn't be. Traditionally, the happiest people are those who love their lives outside of work and love their work itself, so that the work isn't actually work but rather an extension of who they are and what they truly love to do.

In other words, you need to find a job that allows you to do exactly what you want and are best at. What you love to do, as work. Easier said than done, of course. Most of these jobs are very difficult to get or take years of working other jobs you hate to obtain. That is if you want to get paid in the interim, of course. There is now another way to work at what you love, though it may not result in immediate payment and that is through Contrib, a community of entrepreneurs, developers, designers, marketers and specialists from around the world who come together to create new projects. Together, they build, manage and monetize virtual businesses on premium domains for equity and cash grants.

What does that mean, exactly? In short, it means talented people from all over the world use the internet to contribute their talents, passion and expertise to a singular goal of starting up a business or a service that can run effectively in the future and possibly become the next big thing. It means those who become part of the Contrib network ultimately co-found companies for projects they elect to work for, assuming those projects take off in the future. Even the projects
don't end up coming together, you are still introduced to other great and talented contacts and minds out there who you may work with in the future on the next great idea that you can help foster into a great, lucrative and useful business.

Signing up is easy. You can simply enter in your email at the Contrib homepage and they will send you all the information you need. Or you can sign up via Gmail or Facebook. Once youn have done this simple step, you are part of the Contrib team and can apply to help with various projects or ideas or send in your own application for a project, business or idea that you think has legs. You can also contribute what you can and be rewarded for it later.

You can contribute your skills, services, apps, contacts or capital on a part-time basis, joining a team of passionate and incredibly skilled people in whatever way you think will be helpful to the overall project. Not only will you learn from other great people, but you may create a company with actual value that you will earn equity in and ultimately—as the company begins earning income or is truly invested in—earn a living.

Contrib members earn equity compensation grantsn for hourly and performance based results by working part-time with other professionals. There are offices all over the world who work directly with Contrib, as it is a proud member of Global Ventures, LLC, a real estate and technology company who is responsible for premium online assets like Referrals.com, Staffing.com, Mergers.com, Domain Holdings, VentureCamp, Handyman.com and DSL.com. They also have members from all over the world who have worked on major brands and projects over the course of their careers and are all looking for a team to help them build the next great idea from a start-up.

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