Why you should opt for fat free butter or alternatives?

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Published: 17th May 2020
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Butter which is free from fat or other healthy alternatives are essential for better health and nutrition.
Cholesterol free food is definitely a must in today’s time. Butter has long been our preferred table dressing source and an important breakfast item. However, recent studies and research reports have indicated that butter is avoidable if you wish to preserve your health and heart in unison. Butter does have its strong points but so does margarine and other healthy alternatives. However, fat free versions of butter are not seen to work all that much when it comes to bettering the condition of your heart. Butter will always be butter no matter what specific brand or type you finally select. However, margarine usually differs in terms of direct health benefits and fat structures. Margarine is usually regarded as beneficial for your heart and this is directly proportional to the growing harm inflicted by the use of butter on a regular basis.
You will find it really hard to procure or source credible versions of cholesterol free butter. Most of us usually depend on regular butter for our table dressings. Butter usually involves cream and it has a higher amount of cholesterol and saturated fats. Diets that contain higher percentage of saturated fats will definitely contribute towards scaling up overall level of cholesterol and this definitely holds greater risks for cardiovascular and other heart related ailments. The consumption of saturated fats should be kept lower than 7 percent on an average pertaining to the total fat count consumed by an individual on a regular basis. Margarine seems to be a healthier alternative on many counts as opined by experts and other research studies and hence the popularity of the same amongst new age individuals.
If you wish to buy cholesterol free foods, you should know that margarine is a better alternative since it makes use of vegetable oils that do not contain harmful saturated fats. Margarine mostly contains specific polyunsaturated fats that contribute towards lowering overall cholesterol levels greatly. Margarine is definitely a healthier solution for your heart. You should also keep an eye on the kind of vegetable oil used in the margarine, particularly with regard to the omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids it contains. You should consider Nutralite in this context as it is a much healthier alternative to regular butter and is a table margarine that contains lower volumes of cholesterol and no hydrogenated fats. Nutralite also has significant volumes of PUFA and MUFA which combat cholesterol greatly.

Shivani Shetty is a health and nutrition expert and advises readers on the best table spreads, fighting cholesterol with healthy alternatives and more.

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