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Published: 08th May 2020
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If you are not considering advantages of responsive website design at the moment or putting the idea on hold in the near future, you are at risk of losing potential business by 2016. There are 3 deviations to the rule:

1- To stay in business, your service and product is not dependent on your website
2- There are no competitors
3- Your are familiar with advantages of responsive website design but you have already checked it is not the correct fit for you and you are considering another mobile strategy

But if most of your clients come from your website and your business completely depends on it than not having a responsive website for your company will be a serious blow, turning your existing desktop website into a responsive website or building one from scratch should be your number one online marketing priority.

If you have not heard of “responsive website design”, please don’t feel bad, I assure that you are with the majority. In about 10 seconds you are going to get details about responsive web design and be able to easily talk about responsive websites with your friends and colleagues.

Responsive Websites Are Simply This

A website which is designed to adjust smoothly to fit on desktop browsers, tablets and smartphone browsers. Have you ever opened a website on your tablet or smartphone and it was just a very small version with cluttered navigation and information of what you would see on your computer screen, so you zoomed it and then shrunk and enlarged the pages needed to click on things and read text? Well, that wasn’t a responsive website. A responsive website design looks great on desktop, smartphone and tablets, no matter which device you are using to browse it.

Does it Really Matter to Have a Responsive Website?

Yes, because it is better to stay ahead of the competition, and everyone else is doing it.

To explain why responsive is best, take a look at the stats below. Just incase if you are using Google Analytics tool on your company website, you can check these same stats and understand how important the matter is for your business website.

Responsive Web Design Stats

Desktop VS Mobile

With the new devices presence in the market, it is the necessity to have a responsive website, internet users around the world increasingly favoring their mobile devices over desktop computers to look for information or to find a product and services. The chart below shows the number of users coming from desktop and mobile devices from 2009 to 2015.

Responsive Website Design UK

Wondering About Responsive Website Design Cost?

If you already have a website for your business, updating your existing website into a responsive design may cost you few hundred dollars to perhaps several hundred dollars. But if you have not revamped your business website for many years chances are you will have to go start building your website from scratch to make it responsive and the cost will depend on your specific requirement. If you have a website design or digital marketing company you work with for your business website, simply check with them if it is possible to redesign your existing website to be responsive and the cost involved.

Mobile is The Future

Although going responsive can be challenging for website owners. I will reiterate my previous point that your business future is empty without a mobile friendly website. If you are not giving mobile friendly experience to your website visitors, they are likely to bounce off your website and land on one of your competitor’s website which is responsive and easy to use. Mobile is the future, over 70% of people in UK, Seychelles and around the world use smartphone to access internet. Statista says by 2017, 5 billion people will use mobile phones. Making your business website responsive is a very small price you will pay to reach your clients and all these people.

By the way, just in case if you feel that I am being a little preachy, I am preaching myself as much as to you as my own website design company does not have a responsive website yet. Yes, yes, the cobbler’s children have no shoes. However, we are working on our new responsive website which will be launched before 2016.

If you have taken your website responsive and seen the change, please feel free to share your experience here.

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