Wich foods contains lots of protein?

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Protein is an important part of our daily menu. They provide our body of calories and amino acids that we need as building stones for our body. An adult needs approximately 0,8 grams a kilo bodyweight of protein, but that depands on the individual, way of life and bodyshape. For example professional atlethes neet lots of protein for mussle development. But what is the food you shout eat to get enough protein if you don’t like pouches of proteins?


Fish is a good source with lots of protein, but nog every fish had the same content of protein. What they all have in common is that they are good for you. The fats in fish are animal fats and they are always healthy and high quality. However it’s better to choose low fat fish, for example cod. However, low fat fish often lacks of omega-3 fat acids that. Fat fish do contains high amounts of these acids, for example salmon or fish fingers. They are very tasty and contains high quantity’s of proteins, about 32,5 grams a portion. So don’t hold yourself down and head to the fish hand chips. pickled herring however contains barely 13,2 grams of protein a 75 gram.

Meat and chicken

The mussle tissue where most meat and chicken is made of is a great source of protein of high quality. Besides that meat is also a great source of iron and vitamine B12. Chicken has the highest content of protein, about 30,5 per 100 grams. In equation: a hamburger contains the least protein, about 15,8 grams per 70 grams. Beef is also rich of proteins.
As of milk: the more concentrated it is, the better. Like quark: thats a very dense product with high amounts of protein. Low fat quark contains 15,8 grams of protein a 150 gram. Full Turkish yoghurt on the other hand is a product you can better walk by in the supermarket. Cheese contains lots of protein, but is high in fat. So you’d better go for low fat cheese, like 20+, but no cheese spread.


Egg white contains lots of protein, so you can bake an egg every morning!

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