Working From Home - The Best Way To Work!

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Published: 20th November 2016
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Working from home seems like an ideal situation. Earning money while you are in the environment where you are most comfortable (in your pajamas no less!) is almost a dream come true. But how do you make that dream a reality?

Some people are lucky enough to have had a job outside the home that now allows them to work from home. However, that situation is rare. Many people, especially women, are looking for an alternative to a full-time job away from home. They are looking for a position that will allow them to stay at home and still bring in money to help with the family finances. Joining a Direct Sales company such as Scentsy can give you that extra income as well as enable you to make money.

Direct Sales is a business plan that simply means you have a product that you are directly selling to the customer. The customer does not have to go to a store to purchase it. Most of the time, a Direct Sales business involves some kind of product. Ideally, when you begin a business in a direct sales company, you should love the product you are selling. It makes your enthusiasm for the product contagious and makes selling the product that much easier.

Scentsy is a Direct Sales company and has a great product that basically sells itself. Its main product lines are electric candle warmers that melt highly scented wax at a low tempurature. The warmers take out the danger of fire and accidental burns completely. You also no longer have to worry about soot from the fire of a wicked candle damaging your home. When I first discovered Scentsy, I knew this product was for me. I made the decision to join Scentsy simply because I loved the product. They have over 80 scents to choose from as well as over 50 warmers.

Finding a product you love to sell in your home based business is ideal. Selling Scentsy has allowed me to share my love of safe, clean candles while making money doing it. When you make your decision about what company to join, make sure it is something you love.

When becoming a part of a Direct Sales company, there is usually some start-up costs involved. Typically it isn't as much as starting a business from scratch, which is not only comforting, but less risky. When you become a Scentsy consultant, the start-up fee is only $99, and you receive more than that in Scentsy products/business supplies that help you get your business up and running. Basically, when you join Scentsy you will have everything you need to begin your business.

Finally, once you have made your decision and you belong to a direct sales company, now it is time to open your doors and let the business begin. You must remember that working from home also means work. You need to schedule time each day to work your business so that you keep the momentum going. You should have a business plan and goals to reach so that you see your business moving forward and growing. One nice element of Scentsy that helps with this momentum is the fact that Scentsy products are consummable. You don't just sell Scentsy to a customer one time. You sell Scentsy to that customer over and over again. Establishing a good relationship with your customers is critical to growing your business. Those relationships are part of the fun of owning your own business. If you would like to know more about becoming a Scentsy consultant, go to

This article explores the possibilities of earning extra income through Direct sales. Owning your own business is exciting, but it also takes commitment and the ability to be self-motivated. If you choose a product that you love, everything will fall into place.

Anna Smith is an article writer that specializes in writing articles about the Scentsy business and Scentsy products.

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