World of Warcraft Patch 6.2 Added New Content

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Published: 06th February 2017
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World of Warcraft patch 6.2 PTR has brought many additions to the game. Since the expansion of Warlord of Draenor in last November, it has included a plethora of changes that have affected WoW items to its very fundamental core, yet people contest if what's been included in the expansion constitutes as "content". Today, we are going to give you a brief introduction of these additions. And you can also buy WoW items at discount prices from this reliable site!

- An overhauled Raid system. Warlords of Draenor changed up the way difficulties are separated and operate within World of Warcraft. The game's previous Raiding difficulties were split into an arguable more complicated fashion when viewed in hindsight: LFR, Flex, Normal 10 or 25, Heroic 10 or 25. With the release of the Flex system at Mists of Pandaria‘s conclusion, players were always forced to formulate a group of exactly 10 or 25 to conquer the present content. Flex difficulty has evolved since its first implementation within Mists; it is now present within all of the game's difficulties, excluding the highest. Players are now able to gather 10-30 players beneath their banner to conquer the latest content and take no penalty for not having the maximum number of people they could provide. Only Raiding's new-found highest difficulty, Mythic, has a set amount of people required to tackle its challenges (20 players). This number, oddly specific and far different than the former 10 and 25 man difficulties, has generated an albeit mixed response throughout the community since its release. If you are a diehard fan of World of Warcraft, don't forget the challenge mode gold for sale!

- New Faces, Same Races. One of the biggest features coupled with the expansion's release was the restructuring and update to all of the game's pre-Cataclysm races. The quality placed into the models themselves is indisputable, but the resources expended on updating over 12 already existing races (males and females use completely different models/skeletons) instead of adding new races is questionable. In Burning Crusade, Cataclysm, and Mists of Pandaria, the new race(s) added in each expansion gave a new zone an entirely new culture to explore thoroughly. With Warlords, though the update is appreciated (especially by yours truly), I understand the gripe some have with this change. However, to contest this gripe, Warlords taking it on itself to update all the older existing models has allowed for Blizzard to approach a better avenue for storytelling with their cinematic presentation.

- Massive class, PVE, and PVP changes. Reputation grinds, ability pruning, stat "squish", PVP overhaul, an emphasis on raiding, Garrisons… all highly controversial, additional content.

?The grind for Reputations has become a literal grind, though optional since none of the Factions' vendors sell gear based on your standing with them

?Abilities have been nitpicked or combined to reduce to high number of abilities we had gained over the past ten years, but some contest that it's simply "dumbing down the game"

?Stats have been squished and useless stats removed (Expertise, Hit Rating); not much contest over this. Items that drop now have their Tertiary stats randomized; Best-in-Slot gear still exists, but through hoping those pieces of loot the boss just dropped are itemized for your character. With Tertiary stats being the primary randomization point, only stats such as Warforged, Sockets, Avoidandance, Indestructable, Leech, and Speed are randomly placed on a piece of gear. For some, RNG has become a more important factor to the game, but having the stats that randomize on gear not be "required" (though sockets can be very important) is a solid decision.

?PVP has had CC nerfs, "diminishing returns", and an entire open world area devoted to Open World PVP: Ashran. The reaction to these changes have been argued and opposed, but Blizzard has continued to try and work with the community to remedy these changes and find an agreeable solution. You can feel free to buy challenge mode gold boost eu at our website! More informative articles can be found at!

?Like the Reputation grind, Raiding has had its lockouts all separated to allow for players to experience all difficulties every week. The problem associated with this is burnout; without a limiter on how much raiding one can necessarily "perform" in a weekly basis, along with Itemization in the game being completely altered, people play the same two raids again, and again, and again until their metaphorical eyes bleed.

?Garrisons are WoW's version of player housing. Though Garrisons are useful and fun, their execution has some issues. The Follower and "Work Orders" systems are interesting but are another layer to that "grind". You simply show up in your Garrison, collect the resources gained from your Orders and Followers, pickup a daily quest or two, and then rinse and repeat.

In the following articles, you are going to read the Patch 6.2 content and predictive of World of Warcraft. We will add the new information here if there is something new. By the way, buying WoW gears is easier and faster here!


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