World of Warcraft Patch 6.2 Hotifixes-July 1

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Recently Blizzard released the Patch 6.2 Hotfixes of July 1. Here you'll find a lot of changes. Following we will give you the details. And if you want to buy wow gears, our site will be a nice choice.

July 1

Work orders for tier-2 and -3 small plot buildings now work as normal if the player skipped completing the tier-1 tutorial quests.

Most long Naval Missions have been reduced to a time of 18 hours or less.
For Naval Missions currently underway, mission times will not change.
The duration of Raid-type Naval Missions has been reduced from 2 days to 4 hours. They will continue to immediately respawn if not completed.
Gold and Apexis Crystal rewards for Naval Missions that reward those currencies have been increased.
For Naval Missions currently underway, gold and Apexis Crystal rewards will be larger when the Mission is completed.
Oil costs for most missions have been increased.
For Naval Missions currently underway, Oil costs will not change.
The amount of Oil you receive from the Oil Rig has been doubled.
While in a raid group, players can now progress through "Upgrading The Fleet" and "Naval Domination" and increment quest credit as well as turn in the quest once completed.
Ship Blueprint: Battleship now requires 'friendly' faction standing to be obtained.
We continue to insist that the Shipyard grant players resting XP.

Soul Capacitor now deals 50% damage against players and player controlled creatures.
Hunter's Seeking Crystal should no longer take you to rare enemies you've already killed.

Dungeons and Raids
Entering or leaving a Timewalking dungeon no longer removes tracking auras.

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Hellfire Citadel
Socrethar the Eternal
Sargerei Dominator now always properly shields Soul of Socrethar after becoming active.

Archimonde will now heal for 5% of his maximum health if Nether Banish hits fewer than 3 players.

Players can now earn the guild achievement "Kazzak Guild Run".

Creatures and NPCs
A Grom'kar Deadeye in Fang'rila who was respawning too fast has been taught to chill out for a while after being killed.
The bonus roll option for Supreme Lord Kazzak now resets weekly.
Fixed a bug that was preventing players from looting both Soulslicer and The Blackfang on the same day.
Call to Arms NPCs no longer taunt bosses such as Supreme Lord Kazzak. They still have and use Taunt on other types of creatures.

Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where mail with attachments could not be returned to original sender.
Fixed an issue where in-game mail from Blizzard Customer Support could not be deleted.
Attempting to apply Naval Equipment to a Ship (e.g. Felsmoke Launcher) will now display a blue outline around valid slots where the equipment can be applied.
Fixed an issue that would cause the Adventure Journal to display alerts too frequently.
Fixed an issue where some items that cost Alternate Currency (Mogu Rune of Fate, Ironpaw Token, etc) could not be purchased from vendors.
Fixed an issue for Mac users where in-game resolution would not be saved properly when switching between Fullscreen and Windowed mode.

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