World’s 5 Scariest Runways!

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Have you ever been on a flight or airline that has landed on a mountain or taken you near a coast of the sea? If no, then you probably haven’t been to the scariest and adventurous airports and runway that can make you scream out of fear. Here is the list of the weirdest and scariest runways that you should visit at least once to experience a journey like never before.

1. Sea Ice Runway, Antarctica: Located in the Antarctica, it is quite obvious that the runway would be made up of ice only. The planes take off and land quite carefully as a small mistake of the pilot could take the passengers deep into the ice. To experience the icy cold adventure take a flight to Antarctica soon and witness the breathtaking experience yourself.

2. Matekane Air Strip, Africa: This airstrip in Africa is located at the edge of a mountain cliff, from where the planes take off and head towards a mountain. If at all a pilot loses control over the plane, it could straight away go into the deep valley. The plane has to slip off from the edge of the cliff and then fly.

3. Barra, Scotland: You probably need to take a flight to Barra to land in the most stunning landing-spot which will make you wonder in surprise. The best part of this spot is that the plane cannot land if there is a tide.

4. Funchal, Madeira: The airport of Funchal is located on the edge of the land and thus the flights and the planes take off from its edge. It mind sound interesting, but it actually can take you directly into the ocean if at all the pilot loses control over it. The view of the runway will leave you awe-struck whereas the landing can give you mini heart attacks.

5. Princess Juliana Airport, Caribbean: Imagine a beachside where you are relaxing and unwinding and all of a sudden you see a huge storm of sand coming into your eyes. This could happen if at all you are unlucky and planned to spend some time at the island of Saint Martin. The planes are so close while taking off that you can easily catch a flight by just jumping.

The adventure is not complete unless and until you take a flight to any of these scary runways. Plan a trip soon to feel some goosebumps and also to witness the death nearing experience.

Happy Landing!

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