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Published: 06th February 2017
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Muhammad would shout out his affirmations for the whole world to hear, "I AM the GREATEST BOXER of all time!", and he was! Today he is one of the world's best known athletes--Muhammad Ali is an Olympic gold medalist, a heavyweight boxing champion and he IS a firm believer in affirmations!

Thoughts are indeed things! What we think, we can create. Everything around us was at one time someone's thought or someone's dream. In order to create or manifest something in our lives, it must be thought of first. This is where affirmations help so much!

Affirmations have a great effect on the subconscious mind and on manifesting reality. Affirmative words of power can be used to create anything you wish to affirm in your life, including attracting love. The key to all this is stating these affirmations confidently, frequently, and positively. Repetition is the key.

It is very important to state the affirmations in a positive way. For example, you should say, "I AM attractive and lovable.", rather than, "I'm not lonely anymore." Repeat your affirmative words of power in many ways throughout the day. Sing them in the shower, whisper them as you fall asleep, shout them, chant them, write them down and visualize them.

Create your own affirmations and remember--even if you don't fully believe the affirmation, say it as if you do. If you repeat it enough it becomes a part of your belief system, changes your attitude and thereby becomes Reality!

Sometimes we find it difficult to accept the best that life offers. So we let stress get in the way or don't notice it. This behavior stems from low self-esteem. We must learn to love and accept ourselves unconditionally to overcome this tendency.

We can program self-love in a variety of ways. Begin by patting yourself in a comforting manner. This sounds corny, but it's very effective. Pat your shoulders, your arms, your legs, and your tummy and speak to yourself in the second person by stating your name. "YOUR NAME, I love you exactly as you are." "YOUR NAME, you are kind and honest and deserve the best that life has to offer."

We often talk to ourselves abusively. Treating ourselves this way is emotional abuse. You must begin to speak kindly to yourself if you are to raise your inner self-esteem and remove self-doubt. And we must be filled with feelings of self-worth if we are to attract kindness and love into our lives.

Speak to yourself gently and kindly at all times. We ATTRACT and are ATTRACTED to people who treat us like we treat ourselves. Affirmations also help program self-worth into the subconscious mind. You might start with these, and also create your own, write them on post-it notes and tape them to mirrors, lamp shades, the fridge, etc.

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