You Will Be All Set To Defend Yourself With Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Published: 08th May 2020
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You might have heard of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or saw a competition with it, and decided that you would like to learn about it. It's best to drop by your local gym to see if such a course is being offered. It is normal for these classes to be for people with background in martial arts however if you are genuinely interested but have zero experience, you can still take a class. You'd assume that it is similar to other martial art forms but it is pretty unique. Many other martial art forms teach techniques that are carried out standing upright while in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you learn how to subdue your attacker while you're on the ground.

There are many ground tactics that're taught in this style of martial arts. Every single method is invaluable if you find yourself fighting in tight quarters so it is important that your learn them properly. Even though it may help you win in a match, it can essentially save your life in case you're assaulted. When you're learning these techniques, you should only do it under the supervision of a trained expert. If not, you might injure somebody, or even yourself.

If it feels like you are losing to your opponent while standing up, fall to the ground as though you are about to give in. In this case, you could use a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tactic referred to as the Guard. You will be keeping your attacker down by making use of your legs, not letting him strike, pin or mount you. Should you pull their sleeves toward you in one hand, you will end up in the dominant position. Take control of your enemy's head with one hand, and hook the other hand under his leg. The next step is to move your hips out to make space then you swing your leg over your adversary's face while all at once, move your hand to the front of his head. With your triceps, trap his arm by applying the arm bar and keeping it snug to your body. If you have solid legs and hips, this can be quickly executed and you can do what you want with your foe.

You can actually mount your attacker using another strategy called the shoulder wrench to arm lock combination. With this method, while sitting down, you take one of your foe's arms and pin it to the ground then you perform the upward shoulder wrench. You should have the right knee close his head and you use your body weight on his pinned hand. Soon after moving over to one side then sitting back, you perform the straight arm bar. If he is trying to break free, you can attempt the scarf fold to knee lock. Try locking your adversary's head between your armpits, with your hands clasped together, while placing your foot against his thigh. You then cross your ankles which squeezes his knees together then arch so you can put stress on his knee joint.

You will end up being self-confident in your self defense if you study Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. You need to be modest about your abilities but use it if it is essential.

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