Your Employees: Ambassadors for Your Business

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Published: 06th February 2017
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When it comes to running a business, you as an owner or manager cannot be all things at all times to all people. Trying to be just that is a sure recipe for burnout. That's why it's important to have well-trained employees, who are excellent ambassadors for your business. Whether working with you, or working while you're away, quality employees are keys to making your business run smoother.

Think of what your customers expect of your business. They expect great products and services at fair prices promoted through an enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff. Think of what you expect when you enter a place of business; you expect the same. Are your people the kind of ambassadors for your business that you expect them to be? Here are ways to ensure that they are:

Lead by Example

This statement's repeated continually in leadership seminars and such...and for good works. Your staff watches and listens to the way you treat customers each day. They pay attention to this consciously and sub-consciously. Never underestimate the influence you have on those you hire. As an owner or manager, you are the authority figurehead in your business. As you do, others see, and hopefully do the same (if you're doing it right that is!).

Train Employees to Focus on Customer Needs

Having excellent ambassadors for your business begins with training. From the get-go, you must establish protocol as relates to your employees interacting with customers. Tasks and processes as relate to specific job duties will come with experience. However, you must train your employees thoroughly on the employee-customer relationships vital to your business.

This involves teaching your employees to greet customers in a friendly manner upon entering your establishment. Service with a smile is not an out-of-style tradition in the 21st century. You must also teach your employees to listen intently to customers as they interact with them.

Pre-written monologues and sales pitches meted out, without paying attention to questions and concerns customers have, is the wrong approach to sales and customer service. Therefore, educate your employees so that they base their conversations with customers on the customers' wants and needs. Teach your employees to ask the right questions so they can understand what a customer truly wants. Understanding customers' needs leads to formulating responses to customers based on those needs. That's the exact opposite of a "canned" sales pitch, which is not geared to each unique customer's desires.

Encourage Feedback from Your Employees

Your employees will take a greater interest in your business when you listen to their suggestions, opinions, advice, and concerns. Listening to their feedback and instituting methods, programs, ideas, and processes that they come up with shows them that you value them as employees. Employees who feel they are contributing and valued members of a team tend to work that much harder for yours and their benefit. They become more enthusiastic about their work knowing they're developing their skills and your business at the same time.

Of course, all of this enthusiasm becomes apparent to customers who enter your establishment. Happy employees also tend to convey this temperament to customers, who in turn catch this enthusiasm. This makes their shopping experience a pleasant one when well trained, positive, and friendly employees serve them.

Provide Incentives

Encourage your employees to be solid ambassadors for your business by providing incentives. These can be monetary rewards, job promotions, special gifts, free products, extra employee discounts, and the like. You're only limited by your imagination in this area.

Incentives encourage your employees to develop their customer service, selling, and daily task skills. They see that you are taking notice of their efforts and that you appreciate when they perform well. This encourages further exemplary performance.

Just remember to make the incentive something that isn't easy to attain. You want that extra effort and extra quality performance happening that earns your employees these rewards. Rewards for performance that is the norm for their type of work should not be eligible for incentives. It's cliché for sure, but you want your employees to earn their rewards by going beyond the call of duty.

Provide Continuing Education

Your employees will grow as ambassadors for your business through continuing education. This education should be in customer service, sales techniques, and product knowledge. You want your employees current on the best ways to serve customers for your type of business. You want them current on the latest sales techniques as applies to your industry and the types of products you sell.

You also want them up-to-date on what the latest products are – how they work, the newest upgrades and such. In this way, they are that knowledge source that customers can enquire of to get the answers they need to make informed purchasing decisions. Continuing education means your employees can always provide your customers timely, relevant information, in the best manner.

Consider the above tips for helping your employees become excellent ambassadors for your business. As they develop their skills in dealing with your clientele, they also develop your business along with it. This means you can take that odd respite, knowing your ambassadors' are filling in just fine as you get some R&R.

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