Your Travel Guide to Paris

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Published: 04th June 2017
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Paris, the city of lights and the city of love is a bustling capital of France, which has been a renowned tourist destination from the last many decades. It is a major hub of food, fashion and acts as a business center of the nation. A tour to the city of Paris involves discovering new places, meeting new people and tasting the various cuisines in the amazing food festivals. While you are thinking of taking a ride to this extravagant destination, let us be your guide and help you explore its major spots that could make your vacation worthwhile.
1. Eiffel Tower: The first thing that comes to our minds when we talk about Paris is undoubtedly the Eiffel Tower. This huge structure is a famous spot that attracts a large number of visitors from all over the world. To start the trip, the Eiffel Tower is a great option and choice that can make you wonder in surprise. You can visit it easily by taking a local transport. Take your camera along to get some amazing pictures of this giant architecture.
2. The Louvre: The Louvre is a world-renowned art museum that boasts the artwork of thousands of masterpieces of brilliant artists. The art gallery is located in the heart of the city that makes it all the more important and a must-see place for the travellers who are on a hunt of getting the best sightseeing spots in the city. The transformation of a palace into a museum makes it a definite place to be at.
3. Notre Dame de Paris: Notre Dame de Paris, also known as Notre Dame Cathedral is a famous architecture that has roots in the French Gothic era. It is among one of the famous and largest churches in the world which is famous for its art and sculptures too. Notre Dame is also among the most famous monuments in the France that were established in the Middle Age. Add this place to your travel list to make the best of your Paris trip.
4. Aquarium de Paris: Aquarium de Paris is a combination of a large aquarium and 2 cinemas, together. This amazing place is the best way to entertain yourself along with watching the wonders of the marine creatures. Whether you are visiting Paris with family or friends, the destination satiates the desires of all the age groups. You can watch movies and feature films by booking a ticket without any hassles. Visiting the place can surely give you a different experience.
5. Disneyland Paris: The most famous entertainment resort of the world, Disneyland happens to be yet another place that can make your vacation happier and memorable too. The feature of being the most visited theme parks in Europe, it attracts a large number of visitors from all over the globe. You can shop, dine, enjoy rides, play sports and make lots of memories while being here. It is definitely a place that should be added to the list of must-sees.
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