A Few Need-To-Know Auto Detailing Tips

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Car detailing may look easy, but the truth is that professionals just make it look that way. It actually takes a lot of time and dedication if you want it to look perfect, or at least close to it. Of course, anyone can learn to handle their own auto detailing. Whether professional or amateur, the quality of any auto detailing job often relies on the tools and supplies used to do the job. Finding the right supplies is essential if you want a beautiful vehicle and want it to last.

The Two Bucket Tip.

This is a great tip to keep in mind and one that many newcomers don't know about. Ask any professional detailer how many buckets you need to wash a car and they'll always tell you two. Remember this the next time you decide to wash your car. Using a single bucket means you're creating a loop that moves dirt from the car, to the bucket, and then back to the car.

With the double-bucket method you have a single bucket for clean water and a separate bucket to hold the suds. Prior to dipping the cloth or sponge in the suds you should always dip it in the clean water and then wring it out. The water washes away the dirt before you dip it in the clean suds and put it back on the car. You can also buy an additional tray that attaches to your bucket and works to sift debris to the bottom and away from the usable water.

Buffers, Towels, And Wax.

Waxing the car is another area of detailing that often confuses newcomers. They may be confused as to what wax to apply, how to apply it, or what to do once it's there. They often turn to using high power buffers, which are great if used properly, but can seriously damage the vehicle otherwise. A common mistake is using the buffer to remove the wax instead of using it to apply the wax.

Using a buffer to remove wax can damage the clear coat of your vehicle and leave unsightly marks all over the surface. Instead, first use the buffer to apply the wax. Afterwards, you will use a soft and dry cloth to remove the wax from the surface of the vehicle. This will reduce the likelihood of damaging the car and leaves behind a thin, shiny coat of wax, which is what you really want.

The Secrets Of The Clay Bar.

If you search online for information regarding car detailing, then you'll likely run across information about "clay bars". They're really trending in the auto detail world as of late and that's a great thing because they really work. A clay bar system is used to remove unwanted surface particles from a delicate layer of paint. Professionals use these on a daily basis.

Don't buy just any clay bar system. Make sure it includes that additional components, such as the spray and lubricant. The quality of the bar and the manufacturer is also very important. A cheap bar may leave unwanted marks on the vehicle.

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