Jennifer Briggs


Selecting a Good Indian Restaurant

20th November 2016
One way or another all of us get tired with the very same meals day after day and look for something new, something we have not tried yet. Indian food is a fantastic means of becoming familiar with more international cuisines. There is a relatively common... Read >

Tandoor Basics

20th November 2016
Possibly the most global method of cooking, the barbeque is found in local variations across the globe. It grows in the form of the tandoor. In these parts of the world, the tandoor is the accepted form of grilling. The term 'tandoor' is used to describe ... Read >

The History of Barbecue

20th November 2016
Grilling is not as basic as it appears. To a beginner, the art of barbecuing can be flat-out complex and irritating. The job of preparing food and meat in an open fire could be truly difficult. It takes a bunch of persistence and competence to be able to ... Read >