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Published: 06th February 2017
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Customer Relationship Management (CRM), is increasingly important to small, medium or large businesses which can manage complete sales and Marketing.

Why do you need a CRM?
- CRM gives you A 360 degree view of customers.
- Close your deals in less time.
- To track your sales activities.
- To follow with the customers.
- To provide all customer data in one place.
- To save time and effort for better productivity.
- To track your customer interactions.
- Measure sales person performance report.

A complete CRM software can help you to manage your customers by automatic follow-up via email, voice call etc.
CRM can manage your complete sales activities like daily sales report, monthly sales report, customer analytical report and so on.
WTM SalesGrow CRM Software is help to manage your customers and track your sales, marketing, customer support and inventory in single software. SalesGrow CRM Software will enable you to control every stage of the sales lifecycle. You'll be able to track and share contacts and opportunities.

SalesGrow CRM software helps to simplify your organization methodology marketing, sales tracking, inventory system and customer support functions in a one software system.

WTM specialized in products and services for the automotive industry. We provides solutions for the automotive industry that facilitate balance financial, manufacturing, engineering, marketing and sales goals and fulfill demand productively through:

Product Development Services
Supply Chain Management Services
Dealer Management System

-Product Development Services

WTM provides product development services for automotive organization. Product Development can help companies to improve margins, reduce development cost and reduce time-to-market for new products.
We provide the following services:
Automotive Electronics Engineering services
Product Engineering Design services
Automotive Product Testing & Validation services
Product strategy and product planning - Advisory services

-Supply Chain Management Services

We are one of largest and successful technology supply chain management Services Company. We provide our universal clients with capable materials procurement, delivery, order management and sales solutions. Our supply chain experts help you streamline processes, reduce manufacturing lead times, increase asset utilization and collaborate better with partners and suppliers.
The key features of our Supply Chain Management Services are:
Demand planning and forecasting
Global Sourcing & Procurement
Supply Chain Visibility & Spend Analytics
Inventory planning and e-commerce.

-Dealer Management System

We interface with all of the major Dealer Management System for Automotive industry.
It covers every step of distributional process and all interactions with dealers and OEMs. This solution also saves time and money. It is a functionally rich, high speed, integrated software that enables fast and accurate decision making based on real-time business data from geographically disheveled dealer network.
Key functionalities of the Dealer Management solution include:
Basic Financial Accounting
Workflow Automation and Alerts
Sales tracking

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