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Published: 17th January 2009
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Purchasing good tires in today's world can be a challenge, buying new or used???
Cooper tires offer a great variety of tires for which you the consumer can choose. Especially for those Superheroes who are into cars and bikes.
o Cooper tires associate brand Avon Tyre line which offers:
o High performance tires- Viper Extreme, Viper Super Sport, Viper Sport & Azaroa Pro-Extreme Rain.
o Sport Touring- Storm ST & Azora ST.
o Adventure Sport- Diatanzia & Gripster.
o Cruiser Touring- Cobra, Venom R, Venom, Supervenom & AM20/21.
o Custom- Cobra, AM21/AM23 & Venom Custom.
o General Purpose- Road Rider
o Classic- SuperMaster MKII, Roadrunner Universal, Gangster.
o Super-Moto- Distanzia SuperMoto, Azaro SP Pro.
o Scooter Tires- Viper Stryke
With this large selection of motorcycle tires Cooper Tires it's a Heroes dream; tires specialized for rain, faster motorcycles even classic motorcycles. This is a huge add on for Cooper Tires to offer such a wide variety of tires for Car Heroes and Bike Heroes. It's a big advantage for the shopper to get motorcycle tires and car tires from the same trusted supplier. Thumbs up to Cooper tires for the brand loyalty strategy; very cool. Enough of the business class; lets get started on the line of automobile tires. Cooper High Performance tires are great for those who drive long hours and sometimes live in warmer climates.
High Performance Tires by Cooper Tires:
o Cooper Xeon XS- Summer tires not really made for snow.
o Cooper Xeon Sport AS- Great for luxury touring cars & crossover vehicles.
o Cooper Xeon ZPT- For foreign & domestic compacts.
o Cooper Xenon SXT- Great for pick-ups, SUV's & crossovers.
Cooper Passenger Tires:
o CS4 Touring H/V- All season and great for Minivans.
o CS4 Touring T- Comes with 80,000 mile warranty & the perfect family vehicle tire.
o LifeLiner GLS- 60,000 mile tread wear warranty & best as placement tires.
o LifeLiner Classic II- 55,000 tread wear warranty & great for older SUV's and vans with 15" wheels.
o TreadSetter SE- 40,000 mile treadwear warranty and for older & classic cars (great for white walls).
o Cobra Radial G/T- 50,000 mile tread wear warranty & especially designed for muscle cars.
o Weather Master S/T2- Best for winter conditions and can fit almost any vehicle.
Light Truck Tires:
o Cooper Xeon LTZ- Great off road & only available at Discount Tire.
o Discoverer H/T- Best quality highway touring tire & can support if to 1 ton.
o Discoverer S/T- All purpose, high torque light truck tire.
o Discoverer Radial AST- All season ,older truck tire.
o Discoverer M+S-Great for snow & ice.
o Custom Trailer Plus- For towable trailers.
SUV Tires:
o Cooper Zeon XST-A - Customs designed sidewalls.
o Cooper LTZ- Hybrid between truck and sport tire & all terrain ( top pick)
o Discoverer H/T Plus- Perfect replacement for OE 20" tires.
o Discovers ATR- 50,000 mile tread wear warranty & 1 ton capacity.
Commercial Tire:
o RoadMaster RMI85- Solid shoulder rib makes for delivery vans.
o RoadMaster RM235- Another perfect tire for delivery vans.
o RoadMaster RM160- Long range tires.

Cooper tires offer something for everyone soccer moms with packed Mimi-vans to the trucker making deliveries around the city. Cooper tires also seem to be the best overall everyday wear and tare tires around. Although they are not widely known for the racing tires, the motorsport tires satisfy the need for speed on the highway.

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Cooper tire on September 7, 2011 said:
A United States based company that specializes in the design, manufacture, marketing and sales of replacement automobiles and truck tires, and subsidiaries that specialize in medium truck, motorcycle and racing tires.
Bob Gibson on September 12, 2011 said:
Vwey helpful article for deciding on tires.

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