Dynamics CRM Deployment: Every CRM Model Brings You Success!

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Microsoft Dynamics CRM aids in simplifying collaboration between marketing, sales and customer service segments in your business enterprise. As far as Dynamics CRM deployment is concerned, you are offered three options from models such as CRM Online, CRM On-Premise and the Shared Environment (Partner Hosted).

How Do You Choose From Dynamics CRM Deployment Models

Well, the choice becomes simpler if you know about the advantages of these models. Let us delve deeper and learn something more about these models offered by Microsoft ---

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online: The Cloud-hosted Dynamics CRM is good for SMBs, is less expensive and comes with the benefit of with pay per user/month. Want to take your CRM to the cloud? Well, this is a fine choice as it is flexible, fast and can be configured according to changes in your business enterprise. Automated updated from Microsoft will also keep you updated! There are no infrastructure costs accrued by you. You also enjoy automatic backup and a secure environment. Add to this CRM integration with MS office 365. Fast setup indeed!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premise: This model is useful for Medium size business organizations with comparatively more number of users. You have to purchase licenses and maintain infrastructure at your own working base. However, you will get benefits of automated backups and updates from Microsoft. You are more in control as your confidential business data remains in your server.

Shared Environment (Partner Hosted): This Private Cloud (SaaS --- Software as a Service) model resembles CRM Online with the difference that it is actually provided by one of the Certified Partners of Microsoft. This is inexpensive and gives you enhanced security along with delivery closer to your business enterprise. You also enjoy automatic updates from your Certified Partner. If you wish, you can easily upgrade to CRM Online.

Why is Dynamics CRM Deployment Useful for Your Organization

With Dynamics CRM, you can augment sales, offer superior customer service and support and automate all significant business processes. You manage leads and opportunities as well as sales processes. Your efforts are targeted towards precise leads and prospects and you deliver streamlined workflow due to consistency in follow-up processes and other sales activities.
Dynamics CRM generates enhanced ROI and stands as a comprehensive solution for management of specialized business processes. You can easily manage all e-mails, appointments, contacts etc. from one business application. Access it via mobile, internet browser or Microsoft Office Outlook --- it serves as a simple yet highly useful business solution.

Dynamics CRM Deployment --- The Choice is Yours!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is certainly a business asset for your enterprise. However, you have to choose the deployment architecture as per specific requirements of your organization. The deployment option you opt for must maximize the efficiency of sales, marketing and customer service pertaining to your business organization.

No doubt, Dynamics CRM comes with myriad advantages like customer management functionalities, consolidated customer information in a single location, anywhere access for mobile users and 360 degree view of your customers!

With the Dynamics CRM deployment , you can easily adapt to changing needs of your own business as well as that of the market. Microsoft Dynamics CRM application can be customized to fit requirements of your business enterprise. Whichever deployment option you choose --- on-demand, on-premise or hybrid, your business processes are backed up by security and dependability of Microsoft.

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